The best laptop stands with which you work comfortably

The best laptop stands with which you work comfortably

Desk furniture does not always adapt to our physical characteristics. Either the table is too low or the chair is too high. If this is your case, a good alternative is laptop stands that allow you to maintain proper postural hygiene. These accessories raise the position of your computer to the height of your eyes, preventing back and neck pains. If you want to optimize your workspace at home or in your office, we select the best alternatives you can get at this time.

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In addition to facilitating that more appropriate posture, when you raise the screen they favor the ventilation of the laptop and leave more free space on your table. There are very different media models. After analyzing in depth different options, our favorite is the Rain Design iLevel 2. But don't miss the rest of the proposals we have selected for you.

Rain Design Ilevel 2

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This simple design hides a surprising number of useful customization options. The slider that is seen at the bottom of the support is actually used to control the height, by tilting the rear support up and down at different angles, so that you can find the correct inclination. The lower base is protected with rubber pads, as well as the support surface, so that your desk and laptop They do not occur and nothing slips uncontrollably. The thin nature of the opening of the support and the back also help reduce heat.

Keep in mind that, due to the laptop angle, this support is much more suitable for use with external keyboard and mouse: some of our other options may be friendlier if you still need to use your laptop's keyboard.

Boyata stand

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If you like the design of the iLevel 2, but prefer a Z-shaped support to better control the height, this model of Boyata should meet your needs. The support surface includes many openings to facilitate cooling, and you can adapt the height exactly to what you need.

The support is made of aluminum with silicone pads at the base and on the support surface for non-slip protection. It is compatible with laptops up to 17 inches, and also offers a one-year warranty in case something goes wrong with the stand.

Readeer Laptop Computer Desk

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The Readaeer model has a bit of everything: the metal stand offers a Z-shaped base with adjustable height options and enough space for a 15 to 16-inch laptop. Two fans in the center of the support help prevent overheating, and a small separate square surface for the mouse or touchpad external. It is a good design for those who prefer that their laptop and their mouse are at the same level (the sensitivity of the mouse may need some adjustment), and allows you to place the mouse support on both sides of the laptop. If you don't like mouse support, you can remove it completely.

However, this is not the most suitable model for traveling, so it is a better option if you plan to leave it fixed on a site. The legs have no rubber protection, so if you are using the stand on a wooden desk or similar surface, you will probably want to put a protective mat on it.

Soundance Macbook Laptop Stand

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What you see is what you get with this option. This ultra-simple stand lifts your notebook by six inches, and easily adapts to laptops between 10 and 15.6 inches. The aluminum alloy arms are supported by rubber feet at the base to prevent the support from sliding.

With all that open space, there is also no danger that the laptop will overheat. Of course, the adjustment options are clearly limited for this model, so it is better to choose it if you fit the height and inclination it offers.

Twelve Bookarc South

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Not everyone is looking for a laptop stand when they are working: some people need practical support on their desk to simply keep their laptop when they are not using it or when they are using an external monitor. A vertical laptop stand is just what they need.

The Bookarc achieves this with style: it is designed for MacBook / Air / Pro models, but it also adapts to laptops of similar sizes. It has a pin to integrate the cable and you can connect an external monitor and a battery recharge cable, which gives this support great potential.

* Updated by Rodrigo Orellana on January 7, 2020

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