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The best ergonomic mice of 2020

Seeing the amount of hours we spend in front of the computer, surely you have been thinking about buying a good ergonomic mouse that ends your muscular hand pains, tendon overloads and grimaces.

When you invest in an ergonomic mouse of this type, it is usually because you have suffered at some time pathologies of the carpal tunnel syndrome (STC). In this sense, who should use an ergonomic mouse every day? What are the keys to the choice?

In general, all users who spend more than 5 hours in front of a computer on a daily basis, so that all those who spend a full working day using the keyboard and screen will enter this list. It goes without saying that those people who have had discomfort or pain throughout their lives should also use it.

What models of ergonomic mice are on the market?

There is a wide variety of models on the market according to their form factor:

  • Traditional trackball They have a ball on top that is handled with the fingers to control the mouse cursor.
  • Mice type joystick with a more radical design that requires a vertical hand position.
  • Those of horizontal format Ergonomic with programmable keypad.
  • The ergonomics of vertical position with which the torsion of the grimace disappears completely eliminating the appearance of lesions associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

As you see below, prices between brands and models can vary considerably. Not always a higher price is equivalent to offering greater ergonomics, but it is true that it influences the final quality of its components with rubber grips or rough textures on the sides that offer a better grip.

In the case of wireless models that work with batteries, traditional brands tend to optimize the cost of not having to constantly recharge their batteries.

If they have an on and off button, much better, since they tend to optimize downtime.

Finally, give your new mouse time. Even if it costs you to get used to the new position and may feel awkward in the initial moments, try to continue using it. Once the adaptation curve is over, you will eliminate once and for all those annoying pains.

What features should I consider before buying an ergonomic mouse?

  • Vertical or horizontal format

The size of the mouse is a very important aspect so that the hand feels comfortable. Check the dimensions and buy them with those of your current mouse. Many mice are presented in a packaging which allows you to position your hand on top to get an idea of ​​its dimensions.

Weight is another key factor. Professional gaming models offer the possibility of adding or removing weight from it by using small weights.

This is the case of Utech Gaming or Logitech G502 with five adjustment weights to customize the dough.

Having a wired mouse guarantees that you don't run out of batteries at the most inopportune moment. However, there is no doubt that the wireless guarantees greater freedom of movement.

The current mouse models have optimized their use times with the incentive that there are mats that can recharge the mouse while you are using them.

Although some manufacturers strive to market models of ambidextrous mice, in the case of ergonomic mice, this factor becomes a challenge.

Logitech has the horizontal mouse model for gaming G Pro, with 80 grams of weight and wireless technology that can be handled by right and left handed. An option to consider for this user profile.

Another of the determining factors when choosing your next mouse should be the programming of your keypad.

A perfect location of the scroll wheel, or the reverse button, can speed up your movements and keep you from constantly moving your hand. The big brands include software control to customize commands and macros.

The DPI resolution is decisive in a mouse since the higher the DPI value, the more points you can differentiate on the display screen, which means that the smaller the distance, the more precise the mouse will be.

However, the highest value does not always mean that you have more precision. It is important that the mouse has software to adjust it to the resolution you have displayed on your screen or monitor.

Guide of the best ergonomic mice of 2020

Logitech MX Vertical

Logitech MX Vertical

Logitech has developed the MX Vertical With the mind set to reduce muscle tension when using the mouse, maintaining a natural position of the hand. In fact, it has a vertical angle of up to 57 degrees that reduces the pressure in the grimace.

On the other side, the thumb sits comfortably on the support, with the possibility of quickly accessing the recoil action button that can be reprogrammed. Its textured rubber surface guarantees a firm and natural grip.

It is wireless and has a high precision sensor of 4000 dpi with which we have been able to see how it helps reduce up to four times the movement of the hand, needing a small surface.

It has a cursor speed switch in the mouse itself, and thanks to Logitech Flow technology, it is possible to control up to three computers or equipment simultaneously, just by pressing one of its four programmable buttons.

Finally, its 240 mAh rechargeable battery guarantees an average use of up to four months with a full charge and, with one minute of connection to the power supply, it is possible to exceed 3 hours of use, using the charging cable type USB-type C.

Although its price is above average, it is called to be the model to be imitated by other brands.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

The last ergonomic bet of Microsoft goes through the Sculpt Ergonomic mouse model which can be acquired as an independent mouse, or, next to a desktop keyboard.

Although part of the family of mice of horizontal format, its bulky design makes the face of right-handed users have a comfortable position with which the pressure in the area of ​​the carpal tunnel of the hand is reduced.

For its part, the thumb is located next to the backspace button and another button that allows you to launch Windows functions with a single touch.

Of generous size, it can be perfectly used with a laptop to take it on trips or trips. The rubber texture makes it adhere perfectly to the hand.

It uses two standard AA alkaline batteries with which a large autonomy is guaranteed. Our tests have confirmed it, exceeding 3 months of use after 8-hour workdays. It has an on and off button that must be activated when it is not used.

A great choice if you are thinking in using it with any Windows version.

CSL Optical Mouse A26069

CSL optical mouse A26069

If you are one of those looking for an ergonomic mouse that is also economical, the wireless CSL model Meets these requirements. With vertical position grip, it maintains the essence of the posture to avoid hand twisting.

The finishes of its materials are somewhat simpler than those included by the first brands, as with the weight, which hardly offers resistance to movements.

However, it is functional for both Windows and Mac environments. It is only necessary to use some type of application SensibleSideButtons to reprogram the buttons back and forth that are configured natively for Windows.

The mouse, after a few minutes of inactivity, disconnects to save energy. Just by clicking on any of its 6 buttons, it becomes active again. Against him it should be noted that none of its buttons can be reprogrammed, since it lacks software To that end.

You can find it on Amazon in both wired and wireless versions. The opinions and ratings of those who have acquired it are tremendously positive, with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from the more than 870 opinions expressed in the store on-line.

Trust Varo Wireless

Trust Varo Wireless

Simple and economical cut, the Trust Varo Wireless It is another of the wireless options available in the market with palm rest in vertical position to hold the grip naturally.

It uses a connector dongle USB to enable wireless connection via Bluetooth with any computer or laptop. Your battery is internal and rechargeable, so it includes a cable that can be connected to any USB port on the computer.

Next to the scroll wheel or scroll, it has the usual two navigation buttons. In addition, next to the thumb we identify two other buttons that are located in the lower part of it, to have access to other additional functions.

Practicality is the word that defines the Varo Wireless from Trust, for which we have an on and off switch to save battery. Its low price is given by its low resolution, which remains at 1,000 dpi.

Please quote your wide coverage distance. Against it, that when using Wireless technology instead of Bluetooth, the power consumption rises considerably.

JTD Wired Blue LED

JTD Wired Blue LED

Of all the vertical mice included in this report, the JTD model It has turned out to be the one that has a greater angle of inclination, surpassing even the 57 of the Logitech MX.

In fact, it is the one that most closely resembles using a device joystick for the type of grip, with the exception that there is no wireless version at the moment, so we have to depend at all times on the physical connection to a USB type port.

Again, it is a picky model with a removable base, and unlike the rest, the hand-drawn quaint when the JTD mouse is placed, the space between the thumb and the rest is tiny, which favors its use among users of small hands. It is the way to reach any keypad without forcing hand movements.

It includes 3 different dpi values ​​of 600, 1000 and 1600 adjustable by the user. It physically has 7 buttons to facilitate navigation and operation of any operating system, be it Mac OS, Windows or Linux.

All users who seriously suffer from discomfort of the carpal tunnel should seriously consider an option such as the one analyzed here in order to remit the pain and prevent the injury from getting worse over time.

NGS Evo Ergo

NGS Evo Ergo

The Spanish company NGS based in San Sebastin, specializing in accessories and peripherals of all types for the PC, also has an ergonomic mouse of vertical format among its extensive catalog of devices and input peripherals.

With gloss black finishes, physically the Evo Ergo It closely resembles Microsoft Sculpt, but using much more modest materials. In fact, the grip is not rubber, so the touch is not soft.

Its maximum dpi resolution stays at 2,400 dpi, far from the highest figure of its competitors. However, it has a dedicated button to modify the speed of the mouse based on its values ​​of 800, 1200, 1600 and 2400.

It is accompanied by a wireless USB nano receiver that uses the 2.4 GHz frequency band to communicate with the mouse. It can be transported inside the mouse itself to avoid being connected to any equipment or lost along the way.

It is clear that if you belong to a design or creativity department, this model does not meet your expectations. However, for those who work in office environments, they will find it more than enough.

Note: We may receive a small commission for each purchase made through the links on our page, but this has no extra cost to you. This also does not affect our editorial independence. More information.

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