The best ergonomic mice of 2020

The best ergonomic mice of 2020

Seeing the amount of hours we spend in front of the computer, surely you have been thinking about buying a good ergonomic mouse that ends your muscular hand pains, tendon overloads and grimaces.

When you invest in an ergonomic mouse of this type, it is usually because you have suffered at some time pathologies of the carpal tunnel syndrome (STC). In this sense, who should use an ergonomic mouse every day? What are the keys to the choice?

In general, all users who spend more than 5 hours in front of a computer on a daily basis, so that all those who spend a full working day using the keyboard and screen will enter this list. It goes without saying that those people who have had discomfort or pain throughout their lives should also use it.

What models of ergonomic mice are on the market?

There is a wide variety of models on the market according to their form factor:

  • Traditional trackball They have a ball on top that is handled with the fingers to control the mouse cursor.
  • Mice type joystick with a more radical design that requires a vertical hand position.
  • Those of horizontal format Ergonomic with programmable keypad.
  • The ergonomics of vertical position with which the torsion of the grimace disappears completely eliminating the appearance of lesions associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

As you see below, prices between brands and models can vary considerably. Not always a higher price is equivalent to offering greater ergonomics, but it is true that it influences the final quality of its components with rubber grips or rough textures on the sides that offer a better grip.

In the case of wireless models that work with batteries, traditional brands tend to optimize the cost of not having to constantly recharge their batteries.

If they have an on and off button, much better, since they tend to optimize downtime.

Finally, give your new mouse time. Even if it costs you to get used to the new position and may feel awkward in the initial moments, try to continue using it. Once the adaptation curve is over, you will eliminate once and for all those annoying pains.

What features should I consider before buying an ergonomic mouse?

  • Vertical or horizontal format

The size of the mouse is a very important aspect so that the hand feels comfortable. Check the dimensions and buy them with those of your current mouse. Many mice are presented in a packaging which allows you to position your hand on top to get an idea of ​​its dimensions.

Weight is another key factor. Professional gaming models offer the possibility of adding or removing weight from it by using small weights.

This is the case of Utech Gaming or Logitech G502 with five adjustment weights to customize the dough.

Having a wired mouse guarantees that you don't run out of batteries at the most inopportune moment. However, there is no doubt that the wireless guarantees greater freedom of movement.

The current mouse models have optimized their use times with the incentive that there are mats that can recharge the mouse while you are using them.

Although some manufacturers strive to market models of ambidextrous mice, in the case of ergonomic mice, this factor becomes a challenge.

Logitech has the horizontal mouse model for gaming G Pro, with 80 grams of weight and wireless technology that can be handled by right and left handed. An option to consider for this user profile.