Apple Arcade apple store

The Apple Store is redesigned with an area to play Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade apple store

Apple Arcade has officially reached the Apple Store. Apple stores serve not only to sell devices, but also to teach users and show their now popular services. In the past we have already seen it, Apple Stores have certain areas for Apple Music or for Apple TV + and now a new area dedicated to Apple Arcade is added.

These new designs are beginning to appear in the Apple Store of the passes in which Apple Arcade is available. This new area has several devices on which to try Apple Arcade games and an area of ​​perfect accessories to complete your experience with Apple service.

Apple Arcade opens in the Apple Store

This new area has a large, very colorful Apple Arcade logo that stands out against a black background, on the wall we also see several iPad in which images of the different Apple Arcade titles that rotate quite often.

Apple store Apple Arcade

In the lower area we have a long table with several devices to try different Apple Arcade games and then an accessory area. Between these Accessories we have Beats headphones and external controllers, like those of PS4 and Xbox One that Apple started selling a few months ago and that are fully compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

Along with these developments, Apple has also taken the opportunity to slightly change the design of its stores. The photos of the devices that appear on those large panels and also have been changed employees have changed the color of their shirts to a lighter blue whole.

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If you approach an Apple Store in the next few days, you can probably see these news in Apple stores, it can also be a good time to try different Apple Arcade games If you are not subscribed. Remember that Apple's gaming service has more than 100 titles and costs 4.99 euros per month.