shock and splash proof

shock and splash proof


Sony expands its line of external hard drives with a new high-end model shockproof which enables save, store and transport 1 TB of data safely in difficult conditions. Thanks to its rubber protective coating and to its rugged design, the HD-SP1 is a reliable solution for storing and transporting your data, no matter how you are recording videos in the jungle or conducting an environmental study at the top of a mountain.

The new external hard drive of Sony It has a durable rubber housing that is splashproof (IPX2), dust (IP5X) and shock. This hard drive withstands drops of up to 1.2 meters, which protects it from being damaged in extreme environments. The durability of the HD-SP1 It facilitates the recording and storage of files regardless of where you are. In addition, its size helps you transport data comfortably, always available for use anywhere, anytime.

Unique software and technological functions

Users are guaranteed a fast and secure data transfer thanks to the software and security functions. The new and exclusive software Backup Manager 2.0 allows several backups, adding reliability with a hybrid backup function. When the hard drive is connected, it performs full automatic backups, which means you will have to worry about making a backup of your last project. When the hard drive is not connected, the software is compatible with several cloud services, such as Dropbox Y Google Drive, so you can make temporary backups in the cloud and move them Automatically to hard drive when connected again.

Other functions of the software are Password Protection Manager to maximize security and Data Transfer Accelerator, which together with the high-speed USB 3.0 allows you to move and store all data on the hard disk of 1 TB quickly. USB 3.0 transfers 500 MB of data in 7 seconds, so you won't have to delay your expedition because of a slow transfer, or miss the opportunity to take a picture because of a complicated storage system.

The durability and security features, coupled with high-speed USB, make the HD-SP1 a fast and easy way to store your files, without worrying about losing them. The new HD-SP1 external hard drive will be available in king blue from October 2015.

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