SEGA has an app to win recreational machine prizes

SEGA has an app to win recreational machine prizes

SEGA app win prizes for recreational machines

In the mobile phone industry there are currently thousands of the most curious applications, from one that turn your face into works of art or others with whom create your own deepfakes. However, the last launch of SEGA It is, perhaps, the most surprising of all: a curious app that allows you to win prizes of recreational machines from Japan from your own home.

With this SEFA application you can play a recreational machine in Japan, of those with which you have to catch a prize with some hooks, from your own home, as they report from Polygon. Is about Sega Catcher Online, a completely free application for Android and iOS, whose debut three years ago in the Asian country and now just landed in the United States. With this app, you can try to get one of the prizes of a recreational machine using your smart phone and without having to travel to Japan.

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The mechanics are simple, you can manipulate a claw performing a series of movements forward and sideways, to try to catch a stuffed animal or a chip that represents another prize of the Japanese recreational machine. Some prizes that, in case of being able to hook them, will be sent and delivered to the players' homes totally free.

An app to use the hook of one of these machines in Japan from your home

American players, according to the company, will receive their prizes within a week. Of course, you can also use a game currency for more frequent deliveries. A coin that also serves to buy stakes in one of these Japanese recreational machines, although it is also available a machine that doesn't need money and that serves for players to practice.

Sega Catcher Online now reaches mobile devices in the United States, but last December it has already launched a version compatible with Windows and Mac computers. With this app you can win from towels to stuffed animals and other collectibles with anime characters printed on them, among many other products. It should be noted, finally, that every opportunity to use the claws costs between 100 and 200 SEGA points. For example, 130 spins cost 1.99 euros.