Sebastian Jimenez

Review: Patapon 2 Remastered is a refreshing return to thermal action

The beloved Patapon action series has had a bit of rebirth in recent years with remasters of the first two games. The two titles made their PSP debut but now, Sony has brought them to PS4. With the launch of Patapon 2 Remastered, he claims that it is one of the best games of his genre.

In Patapon 2, you play as a kind of deity that controls a tribal group known as "Patapons." These adorable (but fierce) warriors with musical inclination are controlled exclusively through rhythm. They only march and attack for your ability to keep up with the music in the game. If you can't keep up, you'll be absolutely shattered.

Patapon is definitely one of the most creative and best designed games I've ever played. You cannot simply push buttons to win, you cannot reach your path to success, you must be really involved and that is what makes it so great. If you start to panic or lose your concentration, you will lose your rhythm and fight to dominate intense battles like boss fights. It is a game that always keeps you entertained and is not a meaningless progression.

It's easy to call Patapon 2 hypnotic, since once you start creating combos and you're in a routine, it's nothing short of stimulating. The audio and visual feedback that the game gives you as a reward for doing well is satisfactory and scratches a sting that quickly becomes addictive. It really makes him irrationally annoying and demoralizing when he starts to make mistakes, especially for prolonged periods of time.

Sometimes I discover that all the noise and music make me too stressful, but fortunately, you don't * need * sound to match the rhythm. Patapon 2 has a flickering edge on the screen to use as a visual aid to match the rhythm. It is an incredibly useful tool not only for people with hearing problems, but also for those who feel overwhelmed and only need to catch their breath to regain their concentration.

There is a sense of real strategy when playing, both with time and with the way you build your armies. Patapon 2 presents the ability to customize your armies with different types of Patapons and the equipment they carry. They have different statistics, advantages and the equipment you get from each mission is essential for your victory.

Patapon 2

There are some areas that could improve, since the game does not always make things incredibly clear. Even the first tutorial of the game confused me due to the lack of clarity. I will do the command perfectly, then the game will say "You did it wrong, look at this 30-second scene that can't be skipped and try again." I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong for at least 10 minutes, so I realized that I need to start a combo and not just do the command once.

There are many other things that are simply not explained, from objectives to mechanics. Sometimes, games make an intentional choice to leave things unexplained, but in the case of Patapon 2, it feels like a case of just forgetting the essentials. Since about a decade has passed since I played the game, I often found myself consulting guides to solve certain things.

For example, you may not realize that you basically need to play missions again to become stronger. Otherwise, you will be caught in almost impossible boss fights that will make you want to tear your hair.

Patapon 2

Patapon 2, although magnificent and appears off the screen, has not received the full remastering treatment in all areas. Sony has ported the game with 4K graphics, but there is a surprising and amazing contrast when a scene is played, as they seem to be extracted directly from the PSP, low resolution and everything. The same goes for some sound effects that sound outdated and some other.

They did a great job on the rest of the game's tweaks, which makes these strange exclusions stand out even more.

The verdict:

Patapon 2 is still the best in its class when it comes to the genre of thermal action, but there are some areas where it is not supported, specifically in its clarity and technical skill. However, if you are looking for an incredibly attractive and euphoric game that helps you survive until the great hitters of 2020 begin to fall, you cannot go wrong with this remaster of this beloved PSP title.