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Although the GameSpot team is generally busy keeping up with the most important releases, other times we are catching up with the games we lost, playing the old favorites again, experiencing the classics for the first time or just dabbling in the odds and ends by a spell.

Below you can see a sample of the games that the people of the GameSpot team are playing at the moment, the reasons why we are playing them and what we love about them so far. But don't just read our answers; We would love to hear from you too! Tell us what you are playing in the comments section below.

We hope to make this more frequent, not only for our sanity, but also for yours! After all, we know how it is: you are playing something that resonates with you, but most of the time, you have no one to talk to about it, so you end up retreating to a hole and keeping it for yourself. It can be a real annoyance, so we want to help end those moments. Join us in the catholic liberation of the screams at the top of our lungs, the overwhelming joys we are experiencing playing video games.

Bloodborne – Tamoor Hussain, senior editor and global head of news

It has been five years since I first peeled to Yharnam, and my mind has been trapped there ever since. Whether we are in the middle of a busy launch season or in the middle of the depression of a new year, I find comfort in returning to Bloodborne. I can't stop thinking about that, and I can't stop playing it.

I have challenged crowds of manaco citizens, I have rejected twisted beasts and I have been face to face with capricious hunters more than I would like to admit, and yet I am always attracted, week after week, month after month. Yharnam satisfies my desire to travel, evokes nostalgia and instills a sense of tranquility. What was once hostile and unfriendly is now familiar and safe. Baroque architecture envelops me, and although it once felt like sharp knives, it is now a warm blanket. The distant moans of crazy citizens and the shrieks of their sharp weapons that creep across the ground have become relaxing rather than threatening.

From time to time, I find myself joining the hunt, engaged in a tense and spooky battle with a boss or even a simple enemy that patrols the streets, but most of the time I play Bloodborne just to be in the world, to soak myself in the environment and enjoy the mysterious atmosphere, a bit disturbing. There is nothing like walking on the cobblestone cobblestones of Yharnam, as it is covered with a layer of red and purple light emanating from the Blood Moon that hangs ominously in the sky. I am no longer trying to wake up from the nightmare; I enjoy it | Twitter: @tamoorh

Kentucky Route Zero: PC Edition – Edmond Tran, Senior Editor and Producer

Like many people, I've been waiting for the fifth and last episode of Kentucky Route Zero for a long time: four years have passed since Law IV came out, and will you believe the Law was released in 2013? Anyway, with the launch of the complete package, I take the opportunity to return and replay it from the beginning, both to remember what happens and so I can appreciate how incredible this whole series has been.

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And boy, he still manages to take a shot. It is a narrative adventure of pointing and clicking on its core, but the execution is frankly masterful. Kentucky Route Zero's themes and writing are beautifully nuanced, their concepts are surprisingly surreal, and their locations and pieces are downright impressive. It twists you in such strange and deeply complex ways that I have to restrain myself from shouting "DAMN, THIS ART" every 10 minutes to anyone nearby.

I will need many more words to describe it properly (although many people have written amazing things about it), but it is absolutely one of the most beautiful (I said beautiful, but fuck, it is beautiful) and good games together that I have ever played.

In addition, I just finished the new Frostpunk expansion, The Last Autumn, and it was very stressful. The | Twitter: @EdmondTran

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Chris Pereira, engagement editor

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The Dragon Quest XI Switch demonstration began last August when it was released, but shortly thereafter, I presented it because of all the games that started dating. On a lark, I recently picked it up to see if it could get into the heart of the game and discover why people liked it; However, the opening hours were as uninspiring as they made me believe. After spending about eight hours with him, congratulations to Square Enix for publishing such a substantial demonstration, I saw enough of the game's potential and immediately took the full version, which allowed me to transfer my progress.

Now I have more than a dozen hours, and with the world open to me, I am having a great time juggling with its many systems (such as the creation and the team of "Pep Powers" that add consideration to the composition of the party) . But most of all, I enjoy Sylvando, the extravagant but mysterious character with a disturbing technique to guide the eye. It has some strange peculiarities: the mission log is miserable, the map is not excellent and the function to allow the NPCs to lie to you is undermined by telling you immediately when things are lies. But there is more than enough here to sink my teeth, and this feels like the weird and long role play with which I stay in the long term. The | Twitter: @TheSmokingManX

Borderlands 3 – Alessandro Fillari, Editor

I have a particular love for the Borderlands series. While the vibe it emits is certainly not for everyone, for me, it always manages to offer a quick and fun button with a lot of weapons and ridiculous skills for the cast of vault hunters. I played a lot of Borderlands 1 and 2 in the day, and I hoped to give Borderlands 3 the same level of attention. In fact, I got what I wanted from the game when I left last September, but it still left me wanting to finish my game with Moze. Do not help that, despite its many innovations and worlds to visit, Borderlands 3 feels that they have arrived about three years late for the party. Shortly after finishing the story, I walked away from the game.

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After letting it stand for a couple of months and seeing what new content and settings Gearbox added to the game, such as more space in the vault, rebalanced skills and the Halloween event, I gave the game another chance, and I've been hooked since then. Although it is undoubtedly a familiar Borderlands game, there is something about getting a new legendary weapon that is capable of going through waves of enemies with ease that you never find satisfactory. The recent Moxxi DLC, centered on a robbery at the Handsome Jack's casino, was also a lot of fun and even has some of the best writings and performances Borderlands 3 has to offer, which, no doubt, is not a big obstacle. I have been playing B3 quite regularly and I am currently working on a play with my third character.

In many ways, Borderlands can be something of an acquired taste. The general style and tone focus heavily on abrasive meme humor and iconography taken from other sources. However, I still can't deny that it scratches a particular itch that I've been trying to reach for a while. I'm already looking forward to seeing what comes next for the game, which hopefully includes some better locations to explore. The | Twitter: @afillari