Mega Man comes to Android, download his first game

Mega Man for Android, download all your games

The original Mega Man comes to Android to relive your early days in video games. It can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The wait is over. After Capcom announced that would bring the Mega Man to mobiles, and that we could register for the company to notify us of its availability, we finally have all its games in the Google Play Store. You can download them whenever you want; Although they are paid, eye.

Mega Man Mobile, the NES classics already on your Android

Mega Man comes to Android, download his first game

It is a historical video game that has almost no time. Taking into account how usual 8-bit mobile aesthetic games are, Mega Man Mobile It is perfect today. Maintaining the style of then, its playability and with the extension of a console game.

We will have the horizontal screen with the control on the left and the buttons on the right. The game maintains a 1: 1 aspect ratio, so two black bands will appear at both ends. Mega Man Mobile has two difficulties: the normal and the hard or "Hard". Unlimited continuations for the first mode or more restricted if we choose the second.

Mega Man comes to Android, download his first game

The control is not the best with the touch screen, so we recommend using an analog controller. We can order the controls to taste, yes, having the original options. The sound is also the original, just like the graphics: Mega Man Mobile maintains the essence of the Nes classic to take you back to the beginning of video games.

Ready to download the first part

Capcom promised to bring Mega Man phones from 1 to 6, and here we have them. It has been restored to adapt the original to smartphones. And the restoration is at a great level: it is worth playing if you are passionate about Nes and Mega Man. If this is not the case, you may not deserve your payment: each of the games It costs 1.99 euros.

Download all games from Mega Man Mobile from the following links to the Google Play Store. They have neither advertising nor in-app purchases, only the first payment.