Jelly Sugar, the Spanish Candy Crush

Jelly Sugar, the Spanish Candy Crush

Jelly sugar, a new puzzle game Candy Crush style, whose protagonist has to rescue pets. A 100% Spanish game in which the worlds are inspired by the Canary Islands.

If you have passed all the screens of Candy Crush or are addicted to this type of games you have to download Jelly Sugar, a game developed in Spain type puzzle in which you will have to guide the worlds to a pirate named Franky who has to rescue pets.

For now the game consists of 180 levels divided into 9 worlds, 20 levels in each world where you will have to face the evil Walou, a sorcerer who has trapped pets. A fun game but especially with social awareness.

Fun and simple mechanics

Jelly Sugar, the Spanish Candy Crush

The mechanics of the game itself consists of several types of levels; get a quantity of jellies in which you will have to eliminate a certain number of colored jellies to be able to level up, get a number of jelly blocks, get runes, get time trial goals and fight against Walou.

If you are a Candy Crush player you will catch the game mechanics quickly, the novelty regarding this game is the confrontation against the evil Walou to be able to free the pet. During the confrontation Walou appears above and goes casting spells that can turn the good jelly into bad or turn it into ice, and so on.

Many types of enhancers

Many types of enhancers

You have a good amount of game enhancersFor example, chocolate balls eliminate jellies of the same color, if you put two chocolate balls together, the screen will be cleaned. Striped jellies eliminate a horizontal or vertical row, explosive eggs eliminate the surrounding jellies.

The lollipop changes the color of the nearby jellies, the pump removes a jelly of your choice and the hand moves the jellies that can't move if you don't use this enhancer.

Choose pet and use their skills

One of the most important differential points of the game is the possibility of Choose released pets to take advantage of their features, at level 10 you can now release your first pet and select it so that when making a combo of x8 or more it appears to help you and clean the screen. Each pet has some characteristics that will be better for you according to what screens, learn to use them to further advance the game.

Forced test

Another feature of the game is that Anyone who downloads the game can make suggestions for improvement that will be heard by the developers, something they have already shown making some changes at the request of the players.

You can download the game for free on Google Play if you have Android 4.0.3 or higher, it is recommended that you have at least 512 MB of RAM, so you can play it on any Android phone.

It is available free but with advertising, an advertising that you can eliminate by making a single payment of 99 cents.