How to know if you can upgrade to the latest version of Android

How to know if you can upgrade to the latest version of Android

The process to check for updates is not complicated, although each brand uses its own method to perform such a process. In this tutorial, we will show you if your model still opts for a renovation of the software, and how you should do it.

Singing forces Google to update

It is an essential variable in this equation. From January 31, 2019, all Android manufacturers are obliged to offer for two years the updates that Google launches in that period of time, although once that period is over, brands can continue to offer updates voluntarily.

Android 10

Of course, the number of updates will vary depending on when the terminals go on sale. Without going any further, Android 10 was introduced by Google in September of last year, so the phones that went on the market in 2019 before that month may update to the version that is released in September 2020, but the commitment to update Do not reach them by September 2021.

At that time, manufacturers are exempt from continuing to update these terminals, unless they voluntarily want to continue doing so, as mentioned above. This is the case of the Google Pixel, Nokia and OnePlus.

How to update your Android, step by step

Well, it turns out that you have the option to download the latest version, how to do it? We will try to make it as educational as possible so that it is easy and simple. First of all, be sure to have a battery percentage equal to or greater than 50%, since in the case that it is not, you run the risk of your terminal suffering a bootloop (sudden death). And of course connection Wifi, if you don't want to run out of mobile data.

First we turn to the phone settings. Among all the parameters, the System option is usually the last of the entire menu. Once there, we go back down at the end to click on the Advanced drop-down, and then on System Updates.

A new menu will appear to show if a new update is available, the version number and the details of it. Once we are there, click on Download and install and when the system completes the first part of the process, we will proceed to select Restart now to complete the installation successfully.

And you don't have to do anything else. As soon as the mobile device turns on again, the latest news of the new update. Obviously, each case is a world, so if any technical problem occurs, we recommend you contact the official service of your model.

Is it the same process for all devices?

Normally, all the models they use Android Stock, or failing that Android One, follow the same pattern when updating. In manufacturers like Samsung or Huawei, the route that leads to the update system is usually located in another section within the settings menu, usually with the name of Update of softwareor something like that, as we illustrate in this image.