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How to configure the builder base level 9 in Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans base level 9 builder

The Clash of Clans level 9 building base is one of the most recent levels that has come out in the game. So, if you have updated the title and want build a design that is useful there may be one that becomes your favorite.

Now meet how to configure the builder base level 9so you can win more battles. Being really useful in confrontations against other players, you can take advantage of it, it works perfectly.

Clash of Clans level 9 builder base layout

You have to be very clear that this level 9 base is perfect to use in defense. That's right, you have to have your defenses at level 8 or higher So everything works smoothly. The organization has to be diamond-shaped and with an asymmetric twist. This is how you can avoid any type of approach, whether by ground or air. You see it in the image, if you mount everything as it works very well.

The really good thing about this type of provision is that the rival player often tries his luck, does not apply any strategy to access the City Hall and that is where you can get a great advantage. You can get a great defensive boost to get the victory.

Now, generally speaking, you have 3 types of attacks we will receive.

  1. Attack land with bombers, giants, brbaros, can trucks and PEKKA.
  2. Attack areowith Minions, Balloons and some dragons baby.
  3. Use the airport.

To protect you from ground attacks

ground attacks "width =" 700 "height =" 300

In this case, everything depends on the bombers can open the base so troops can enter without having to go through the funnel route that leads to the shredders and traps.

So all you have to do is remove the bombers so that the attack fails so itchy. This is a great advantage, other bases make use of the traps or archer towers but the level 9 builder base always gives a lot of work to the bombers.

This is how the bombers will be distracted by eliminating everything outside and they won't be able to attack the inner zone of your base. While this happens, the other troops will turn around your fortress and get trapped in the walls.

It is simple, the rival has no way to enter inside your base and this will give you a decisive defensive advantage to win the war, simple and effective!

How to protect it from areos attacks

air attacks "width =" 700 "height =" 306

Something very important that you have to know is that these types of attacks can destroy the City Hall but they may not get the percentage necessary for the 2 stars. What is certain is that with this defensive design you can almost always win.

How to defend yourself from the airport

Pork glider "width =" 700 "height =" 300