Cómo borrar la caché de las aplicaciones en iPhone y iOS 13

How to clear the app cache on iPhone and iOS 13

How to clear the app cache on iPhone and iOS 13

Cach memory is used to speed up some application processes. What it does is save the data and processes that are used constantly, as long as the processor does not load the content every time we return to the application, since this process is slower. The good thing about the cache is that it makes the content load quickly. In addition to saving some battery, since the processor will spend more autonomously performing the action. The bad thing is that the cache occupies data in the internal storage.

Apple does not have a specific option to remove the iPhone cache, as we see in Android. However, some apps do incorporate this option in the settings. For example, we can remove the Safari cache so that the websites load correctly and without any problem. To do this, go to Settings> Safari> Clear history and website data. This will also make the history of Safari, and of all the devices that are connected to your iCloud account, deleted. If you only want to delete the data, go to Settings> Safari> Advanced> Website data> Delete all data. Press ‘Delete now’ to confirm.

To clear the cache of other applications on iPhone and iOS 13, go to Settings> General> iPhone storage. Here is a list with all the applications that you have installed on your mobile. They are ordered from highest to lowest space in the internal storage. For example, I have Fortnite in the first place with almost 8 GB. The Podcasts app is in second place, with 3.33 GB of storage used. Those 3.33 GB can be removed by cleaning the data. That is to say, to erase all the episodes that I have downloaded, and that are occupying space in the internal memory.

Remove the cache of apps on iPhone

Select an app to remove space. Inside, there are two options: Uninstall app and Remove App.

As the name implies, the first option uninstalls the system application. But it does not delete the data. These are stored on the iPhone, and if we want to reinstall it, appear as the last time we entered. That s, manages to free some space in the internal storage. It also eliminates cache memory. Press ‘Uninstall app’ and wait for the process to finish. Then click on the option that says ‘Reinstall app’. Vers that some storage is released.

The option of ‘Delete app’ is more aggressive, because its function is to delete all the data we have on the iPhone related to the application. That is, saved preferences, photos, downloads etc. Also the memory cache. In addition, Apple uninstalls it from the system, and if we want to download it again, we must do it from the App Store. When we download it again, it starts as the first time you installed it on your iPhone.

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