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How to add HDMI ports to your TV

Every time the televisions are better: the high definition has given way to qualities as superior as 4K or HDR, while the screen sizes continue and continue to increase.

However, despite all this, there is no TV manufacturer that is capable of building a screen with enough HDMI ports. Worse, some manufacturers even limit HDR capabilities to one or two of the ports.

It remains a mystery why even high-end televisions tend to have a maximum of three or four ports when the people who spend the most on a television are also those who have several game consoles, a decoder, a soundbar, a media player 4K Blu-ray and maybe a stick from streaming

The good news is that there is an easy way to add more HDMI ports to any TV, and you don't need to spend much to do it.

Buy an HDMI switch

Yes, unfortunately you will have to pay to remedy the lack of ports on your TV. In this case, you will have to buy an HDMI switch, a device that allows you to switch between different HDMI inputs.

Amazon is full of multi-company HDMI switches, but we've tried the UGreen three-port model (18.99) And we can confirm that it works well, and it is very easy to use.

Just connect the output port of the HDMI switch to your TV through an HDMI cable, and then connect up to three other HDMI devices on the switch. It is worth remembering that this means that you essentially grant two additional ports, since you are still using one of the TV ports to connect it.

The UGreen model has support for automatic switching, which means that it automatically changes the input to the most recent active device. To put it in practical terms, let's say you have so much a stick from streaming as a PS4 connected through the HDMI switch.

If you are seeing something in the stick from streaming But then you decide to play a game, turning on the PS4 will be enough to automatically change the HDMI input to the game console. Turn off the PS4 again, and it will automatically return to the transmission bar if it is still on.

In the event that the auto-switch does not work, there is also a physical switch button on the device itself, along with a remote control that allows you to cycle through the inputs of your sofa.

It supports a high enough data rate to offer 4K at 30Hz or 1080p at 60Hz, which should be sufficient for most, but it doesn't fit the game (email protected) if that's what you have in mind.

It is important to note that most HDMI switches – including the UGreen that we recommend – do not come with an included HDMI cable, so, unless you have a spare one, you will have to buy one to connect the switch itself to your TV.

See our HDMI cable purchase guide for tips on what to look for in an HDMI format, to make sure you get a cable fast enough to keep up with what you need.

HDMI vs. Switch HDMI splitter

Finally, it is worth clarifying quickly a common misconception: you do not need an HDMI splitter, which is the exact opposite of an HDMI switch.

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