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Google presents the Pixel C tablet: all the information


Google presents the Pixel C tablet: all the information

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September 29, 2015

Pixel c

Only today in the morning we have heard of the existence of this new tablet of Google that arrives without the Nexus brand, although with many of the characteristics of the range, but finally it seems that the rumor was pointing in the right direction: a new tablet which will respond to the name of Pixel c arrives with Android as an operating system to compete in the field of high-end from 10 inches. We give you all the information.


What most attracts the attention of the tablet is the set that forms with the keyboard, which is a fundamental accessory in this case and perhaps this is what sets it apart from other Nexus tablets. In this case, and against the bets of Apple and Microsoft, we find a rigid keyboard, which is coupled with magnets and that connects via bluetooth. There is also no back support in this case, despite which we can choose from a wide variety of degrees of inclination. There are a few more interesting details, in any case, since there will also be a USB Type-C port and it cannot be mentioned that, this time, it seems that it will have a metal housing and not just a metal profile.

pixel c

Technical specifications

As we had anticipated the leak this morning, the Pixel C arrives with a screen of 10.2 inch with resolution Quad HD, where do the 308 PPI They had signed up. It has also been successful in regards to the processor that is going to mount which, indeed, will be the highly anticipated Tegra X1, with Maxwell GPU, and in terms of RAM, which will be 3 GB. If we add to this the fluidity of the Android stock, we can only expect a device with fantastic performance. The storage capacity will oscillate between 32 and 64 GB, we assume that, as usual, without the option of extending them through micro-SD. Pixel C tablet

We have a few unknowns to solve, yes, as are the dimensions, the cameras and the battery (only a two-day autonomy has been mentioned, but it is difficult to put that figure in context), but surely we will have more detailed information when it is Approach the moment of its launch.

Price and availability

It seems that we are going to have to wait still enough to be able to make us with this new tablet of Google, although that was also within the expected. We have confirmation at least that it will go on sale before the end of the year. The price for which you will do it is also quite interesting, since it will stay in just $ 499, although it is true that everything can change a lot depending on how this is translated into euros (remember that the Nexus 6P it goes from cost 500 dollars to cost 650 euros). The keyboard will logically be sold separately for a price of $ 149.