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Google Photos evolves and goes from being an application to a platform

When Google announced Google Photos, we were very grateful for the launch of a good photo hosting service in the cloud, with some options but above all simple to use and with unlimited storage.

Since then we have seen this application grow and increase in its possibilities but today we attend what is its biggest change, although we will not see the results in the short term.

Google Photos launches its third-party API

Today Google has announced that it makes available to any developer a new API with which some functions of Google Photos can be integrated into other applications. This is what we expected since the announcement in the past Google I / O.

A good example is its powerful search engine. We have already told you that this photo app uses artificial intelligence to detect elements in the images allowing us to perform searches without having to put labels in advance.

In addition, developers can host the images on the Google website so they can create new apps without providing accommodation to their users.

The ban on apps compatible with Google Photos opens

This movement as we said, is a great step for Google Photos, which Stop being simply an app or service in the cloud and becomes a platform.

The developers will be able to integrate the galleries of each user into their apps, create new apps specifically for viewing photos but with very different interfaces or create new ways of using this Google tool.

And this will be possible to see. both in mobile applications and web services so also in computers we can benefit from these new APIs.

Now we can only wait for the creators to be encouraged to launch apps using this API and take it for granted that we will echo the most relevant ones that use it.