First rumors about the successor of Samsung's Galaxy Fold

First rumors about the successor of Samsung's Galaxy Fold

Already ruled out the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip as the second generation of the Fold, now we begin to receive new rumors that point to what the true successor of Samsung's first folding smartphone will be.

Successor of the galaxy fold

An 8-inch Fold with S-Pen

As always in these cases we begin by saying that this filtration must be taken with some caution. The data that we are going to show you comes from a Tweet from the editor of XDA Developers, Max Weinbach, who has recently left photos of the Galaxy S20 and various information about the Galaxy Z Flip itself.

According to this tweet the successor to the Galaxy Fold will be launched in the second quarter of 2020 and it will come with some amazing features. The next smartphone (des) Samsung folding will not only have a larger size, reaching 8 inch screen, if not that it had the main differentiating element of the Note range, and that is that the Fold 2 will come with S-Pen.

If this rumor of the S-Pen is fulfilled, this will be a big surprise, not because of the fact itself, but because it represents that they have managed to improve a flexible screen that is currently marked with a simple ua. You have to keep in mind that Today, using a pencil on the Fold's screen is almost a suicidal act, Therefore, a spectacular breakthrough will have been achieved in this issue in just one generation. Maybe too pretty to be true.

On the other hand Max talks about this Fold 2 coming with a Snapdragon 865 processor and a 108 MP camera. Unfortunately, it does not say anything about the price, a decisive point to see if it has been possible to lower or, on the contrary, this improvement will be accompanied by a price increase.

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