Fantastic HD Dinosaurs, Discover Everything About Dinosaurs

Fantastic HD Dinosaurs, an app with stunning HD images of the swastika animals

If there is a theme that attracts the most children, they are dinosaurs. 65 million years ago dinosaurs dominated the earth, these huge and fantastic animals roamed all over the planet, the terrible carnivores, the gigantic herbivores, all coexist in relative harmony until, according to the scientists, a meteorite hit the earth causing a huge cataclysm that led them to the extinction


These huge creatures remain a true mystery and a true attraction for adults and adults. Fantastic Dinosaurs HD is a excellent interactive encyclopedia with which you can discover and meet 130 of these wonderful creatures, with high quality images, technical data sheets of each animal and details of where and where they lived.

Amazing interactive dinosaur encyclopedia for iPad and iPad Mini

Fantastic dinosaurs HD presents us 130 dinosaurs as you've never seen them before, in high quality HD images, optimized for the iPad's retina display, with which you can discover precisely skin or color details. Each dinosaur is accompanied by a small description, a small map of where I lived and several images in HD and 360 degrees. One aspect to note is that the names of dinosaurs, so difficult and messy to pronounce in some cases, are read aloud. And you have the possibility to change the language to English and French.

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Are you looking for a specific dinosaur? Tyrannosaurus? Diplodocus? Velociraptor? You have one multi-criteria search zone in which to locate each and every one of the 130 dinosaurs. You will have the option of looking for them chronologically, according to the period in which they lived or the area of ​​the planet where their remains were found, or if you prefer to look for them simply by families, carnivores, herbivores, flying, with horns, etc. No dinosaur escapes your curiosity.

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All information is presented in a very clear way, with explanatory sheets in which you can find from the meaning of their name, their weight, length or type of food, to where they live or to which family they belong. All accompanied by HD images, 360 images in which you can change the viewing angle and discover all the details of the animal. You will also find a comparative image with the size of a human being. Ideal to get an idea of ​​how huge these creatures became.

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In Fantastic HD Dinosaurs you can also find a time line in which at a quick glance you can explore which dinosaurs lived in each of the three great periods of the Mesozoic, Trisic, Jursic and Cretaceous. A small and simple explanation so you know what happened during the reign of these fantastic animals. Are you curious about what was the fastest dinosaur? or the smallest? Or the biggest flyer of all? Well, fantastic dinosaur HD also has the answer. 24 answers to the 24 most asked questions by children.

No detail escapes this amazing app. Curious facts that won't stop surprising you.

Fantastic dinosaurs HD is the first interactive encyclopedia about dinosaurs, you can meet them very easily and quickly, and above all you can see them on your iPad with high image quality. All the details, color, height, weight, size, even a voice read you in three languages ​​the names of the dinosaurs. Nothing escapes this great app. You can download it now from the App Store and it is compatible with any iPad model.

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