"emergency notification of the Ministry"

The emergency notification of the Ministry of Health to the public that the outbreak of influenza coronavirus this time is very serious and deadly. There is no cure once you are infected. Thus begins the new bulo that is shared through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the most frequent means by which hoaxes or fake news are shared. Coronavirus is the most talked about disease due to the rapid spread that exists in China. The illness started in Wuhan city, although it has already gone beyond and has crossed borders.

The Ministry of Health is that public body belonging to the government that performs the protocols of how to act against a new virus such as the coronavirus. For the moment, no case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Spain and, first and foremost, not one who falls infected by this virus will die, although due to the Coronavirus they have even closed the Foxconn and Samsung factories, among others.

WhatsApp is circulating a message that shows different symptoms that shows the coronavirus and some remedies against this virus. The message is totally false. since, if we go to the website of the Ministry of Health, it is true that information about the coronavirus is shown, but no alert appears.

Image - Coronavirus:

At the end of most chains, please allow it to be shared and this is what we should never do, since The information is false. We must be cautious and only believe what is communicated through official channels of public bodies related to health.

Although at the moment there is no vaccine for the coronavirus, we do not have to worry because if we have this type of symptoms we are more likely to have Another type of diagnosis.

Google publishes a map of the scope of the coronavirus

Do you share this kind of hoaxes? Have you received this bulo?

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