This is Huawei Video, the exclusive Netflix rival for Huawei and Honor phones

As is Huawei Video, Netflix's rival exclusive to Huawei and Honor

Huawei Not only does he want to distinguish himself by manufacturing mobile phones, he is also a giant of mobile networks and other related devices. And it goes much further because it also offers audiovisual content, the new Huawei Video has arrived in Spain to bring the streaming service of the brand adapted to local content. And you can try it.

After the announcement of the service in Spain, and after we knew the subscription and purchase prices of the contents, the time has come to try it. What do you also want to download? No problem, you can do it by downloading the Apk from the Huawei website, so we have done.

Huawei has three types of access to content integrated into the new Video service. On the one hand we have the Free access; which will offer videos essentially related to YouTube. We also have series and movies included in a monthly subscription of 4.99 euros. In addition, Huawei Video will offer movies for rent at two prices: 2.99 euros and 1.99 euros each one, the latter in case you are already a "Vip" subscriber.

Very little content currently and somewhat expensive prices for rent

This is Huawei Video, the exclusive Netflix rival for Huawei and Honor phones

We must give room for improvement to the catalog since no streaming distributor landed in Spain with a huge squad of movies and series, neither Netflix. In the case of Huawei Video We have several series available, essentially from Spanish producers. There are also movies, documentaries and sports.

Huawei Video will not only be limited to offering streaming content already recorded, there will also be live shows; although what stands out today is the catalog of films and series. With a catch: the movies are for rent and they are not accessible at no cost to those who subscribe to the VIP or monthly subscription of 4.99 euros (with one month free).

This is Huawei Video, the exclusive Netflix rival for Huawei and Honor phones

The price that Huawei Video asks for the rental of the films (for 48 hours) would not be excessive if it were not because is content that is already somewhat outdated. 2.99 euros for free users and 1.99 euros for movies like Django Unchained or Captain Phillips, films that have been on the market for some time and that other services, such as Netflix itself, offer in their catalog at no extra cost for subscribers.

As we said, it is too early to make price assessments, the content of Huawei Video It is still very limited. The interface itself looks careful and with black as the protagonist of the funds. Getting around the application is simple, convenient and does not involve any discomfort. It is also prepared for the most common in this type of services, such as downloading content to the mobile (also SD), quality adjustment or summary of the reproduction. At the moment there is no option to subtitles or original version, nor can you download the highest quality content due to copyright limitation.

Exclusive to Huawei and Honor phones and without support for Google Chromecast

Huawei Video It will be exclusive to the brand's mobiles, also of Honor. Nothing strange on the other hand since in this way the manufacturer makes sure to offer an attractive hook to its customers. They can access a lot of streaming content for free, but they will need the subscription for the series and (we hope) higher quality movies. 4.99 euros is not bad cost, but, apparently in a first analysis, It stays far away from what it should offer for the price.

This is Huawei Video, the exclusive Netflix rival for Huawei and Honor phones

One of the main shortcomings is that we must see the content on our Huawei / Honor mobile or tablet: it's impossible to share it to devices like Google Chromecast; At least directly, you can share the screen. This significantly limits access to everything the subscription offers (only for two devices).

This is Huawei Video, the exclusive Netflix rival for Huawei and Honor phones

The start of Huawei Video He is too shy and is fraught with limitations that are incomprehensible, especially given that services such as Netflix and HBO They have been on the market for some time and we all know their advantages and valuable details. Hopefully Huawei Video will evolve accordingly, we must give you the benefit of the doubt.