Apple now lets you record an emoji in the Airpods box ┬╗ERdC

Apple now lets you record an emoji in the Airpods box ┬╗ERdC

Apple now lets you record an emoji in the Airpods box

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Apple has long granted the possibility to its users to engrave certain selected products. The recording option has also been available for AirPods; however, this was limited only to the text. The company is currently expanding the engraving option for AirPods; for also include emojis. As it has been released, now emojis can be recorded in your AirPods case.

On the home page of your website the information New options for personal engraving, from A to emoji is displayed. ÔÇŁ Now AirPods can be customized in the Apple online store; this by means of the option to personalize it for free, which appears when selecting the headphones. The options are currently quite limited; However, all popular emojis are available.

Engravings available

For the personalization of their devices, users are also offered the possibility of adding text; now apple presents a new typeface in mayscula that offers more pop than the original typeface, which was presented in lowercase, and smaller in the AirPods. At this time there is no option to mix emoji with text; So you have to select between one option or another. For text-based options, numbers and dates can be added.

Once you have added a pair of AirPods or AirPods Pro to your shopping cart; You can click on the option that indicates add recorded. Through this option you can execute the short engraving process. The offer is available in the territories of United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan; among some other countries in which the iPhone manufacturer can directly sell online.

As time goes by surely the list of emojis available to record be expanded. Before any new news, we will be attentive to send it to you.


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