Apple launch a backlit keyboard for iPad Pro this year

Apple launch a backlit keyboard for iPad Pro this year

After several years trying to incorporate the butterfly keyboard into their devices, Apple returned to the scissor keyboard in 2019 with the 16-inch MacBook Pro. However, in the coming months it is possible to make an update on this aspect, now for the iPad Pro.

As a recent Digitimes report states, the iPad Pro will be updated in the coming months and among all the news that is expected, a new one is included smart keyboard with backlit keys. In addition, the report points out that those of the bitten apple could also apply this update to other products, starting with the 13-inch MacBook Pro in the first half of the year.

The iPad Pro this year will include a backlit keyboard

After several years of the unreliable and controversial butterfly mechanism, Apple returned to a scissor keyboard with the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which has been positively received, although it has not been a surprise, especially considering its similarity to the “ Apple's external Magic Keyboard ”. However, a new product review may result in a more attractive version, now for iPad.

It is already expected that the fourth generation of the iPad Pro, as an important technological leap, after two years of the launch of the last tablet of the company. Despite this, various leaks claim that aesthetically maintain some features such as the absence of a start button, reduced bezels and the front camera without notch, without anyone even focusing on a keyboard redesign.

Placing a backlight on the iPad Pro smart keyboard will be a good additional feature and in fact, it will look quite attractive to complement all the news that is expected of Apple's new tablet for this 2020.

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