50 hand-designed levels challenge you in Destiny of Khando

50 hand-designed levels challenge you in Destiny of Khando

We are always attentive to the arrival of a new 2D action platforms, and this time Destiny of Khando has touched us, a careful game for Android in which you are going to have to use your weapons just like your skill in jumping between platforms.

With 50 levels designed by hand and the goal of saving humanity, and again in danger, we we enter the pixel art of this platforms, which arrives with great desire to be your favorite occupation during the weeks in which you are fighting battles until you finish it completely.

A careful action platform in details

Destiny of Khando

Although at the beginning Destiny of Khando it may seem slow in pace, accustomed to the seconds, you will begin to feel that you are facing a platform where the levels have been carefully designed so that you break your head and it is not easy to finish them.

With a careful pixel art, we enter a new free title for Android in which we will have the typical lateral movement controls and those for jumps and even down. Nor is the action button that will allow us to use our sword to get rid of a good variety of enemies.

Skeletons, little dragons and others will be the diverse fauna that you will find in the galleries from the extensive levels of Destiny of Khando. Not only will they move carefully to attack you, but they will use fire spells to make things difficult for you and remember other great names in the world of video games.

With a skill tree to complete in Destiny of Khando

Destiny of Khando

Destiny of Khando also has another tip that we like it and it's the skill tree. Thanks to the coins that we will be obtaining in the 50 levels designed by hand, we will be able to improve some skills just as we can use a pet that will lend us a hand at any given time. This tree gives him a good point of depth and that almost invites us to continue playing it to make our hero stronger.

Destiny of Khando

Nor are those missing 5 challenging final bosses that will force us to concentrate in order to eliminate them and follow our progress. We must count on that it has been granted to the enemies that we will see swarming through Destiny of Khando with their own AI or Artificial Intelligence, in addition to the different traps that will complicate things.

Here we go to be facing a lot of failure to try not to miss the next time Let us repeat the same jump from x distance. Yes, it has micropayments within the game, but at no time have we been in need of doing them, although we always have the feeling of donating to the developer for having brought a great game of action platforms to our mobiles.

A 2D action platforms of the good

Destiny of Khando

So we stay with that enriching aroma, and that we know well from other multiple platforms, to enjoy a game in which the extension is more than we thought and in which the levels are happening one after another. By the way, if you run out of hearts, you will return to the beginning of the level, so be careful not to have to burn yourself a little.

Visually Destiny of Khando is a game with good finishes in pixel art and in which the fund does its job to create the necessary atmosphere for our adventures. All the details of jumps and abilities are also very well measured, and the design of the characters as well as the enemies follows the same line.

Destiny of Khando is a free freemium game for your mobile in which we will enjoy as dwarves with their jumps and that powerful sword with which to end up with skeletons and mini dragons. If you were looking for a good platform to replace this one, you already have one for weeks.