1 in 5 Spanish dedicates more than 3 weeks a year to social networks

The social networks they are a complement of life for many, because through them we inform ourselves, we entertain or even share our creations. Social networks have expanded enormously, causing us to invest longer than we think, which becomes more than three weeks a year watching social networks.

A study by the firm Hubside reveals some really impressive data since, if we dedicate only 1.5 hours a day to social networks, we get 22.5 full days per year, that is, we have spent three weeks of our life looking at a screen, receiving and sharing information.

The Spanish have between three and four profiles in social networks, each one in a different one, so on average we use 3.7 different social networks. Approximately two out of five people use social networks to view content and not to add their own content. It is interesting to know that almost half of the users of social networks do not devote themselves to the publication of their own content.

The main reasons for not sharing on the networks is the consideration that it is a private content and, therefore, it is personal information, while the other side expresses that there are better ways to share content digitally.

Another curious fact that the study reveals is that 37% of Spaniards have a personal website and that three out of five use this website to share their hobbies with other Internet users.

Undoubtedly, social networks are an ally since they are shown as a source of key information today, but as any tool we must know how and when we should use it. Since information on social networks, more than 60% of users see it as a distorted reality.

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Were you aware of all the time we spent on the Internet and social networks? Do you find this data interesting?