What can we expect from the Facebook supervisory board?

What can we expect from the Facebook supervisory board?

Scandals such as Russian intervention in the last US presidential elections, the spread of Islamophobia in Myanmar or the transmission of a massacre in New Zealand forever stained Facebook's reputation among its more than two billion (2,000 million) users.

“One of the most painful lessons I have learned is that when you connect to such a large number of people, you see all the beauty and ugliness of humanity,” acknowledged at the end of 2018 the CEO of the social network, Mark Zuckerberg.

To avoid episodes like these, the firm has announced the creation of a supervisory board, autonomous even of the board of directors, which could even cancel corporate policies on content management, Business Insider reported. With a budget of $ 130 million dollars, the instance has appointed Thomas Hughes as its first director, who has just served as executive director in Article 19, a British NGO that promotes freedom of information and expression.

In his new position, the first job (of Hughes) is to hire staff and build an infrastructure, essentially a completely new company, which will be autonomous from Facebook, although funded by Facebook. The ultimate goal: to create an independent Facebook body that can override even Mark Zuckerberg if necessary, raise the medium.

Facebook supervisory board already has its first directorThomas Hughes (right) be the first director of the nascent Facebook supervisory board. Article 19

According to the latter in a letter published in September 2019, the board's decisions will be binding, even if I or someone on Facebook does not agree with them. ”

The co-founder of the network has also said that his mission is to defend the principle of giving people a voice and, at the same time, to recognize the reality of keeping them safe. ” In other words, the idea is to provide a means for users to appeal moderation decisions to an independent body.

Business Insider stressed that both Facebook and its users can solve problems with the nascent supervisory board. For most Facebook users, being able to appeal to the council will only become an option after the direct appeals process with Facebook is over. That is, users will first have to appeal to Facebook and go through the company's process, he explained.

Finally, I asserted that the supervisory board is not a subsidiary such as Oculus, Instagram or WhatsApp, but a completely different entity, than requiring its own offices, bureaucracy and support staff.

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