Seguridad Apple

Two months later the FBI violated the security of an iPhone

Apple Security

The security is one of the aspects that Apple most emphasizes in every opportunity he has. From its events, to its commercial spots, it is constantly in search of demonstrating that when the user acquires one of its products can be confident that your data and everything that is of personal importance always be safe.

Apple and security on their devices

Such is the degree of attention from Apple in the Privacy & Security of its users that has even been sometimes faced with obstacles and legal problems to put their promise before government requirements, as recently happens.

To show these facts, is the recent and ostentatious case of a possible trial against the same president of the United States, Donald Trump who He is currently involved in various problems due to bad political practices managed between the North American country and Ukraine. Trump has turned several times to Apple to question and pressure his political compliance, something that seems to be working and the apple company will be giving in to the government.

One of the characters in this story is Lev Parnas, partner of the accused Rudy Giuliani. This was confiscated an iPhone 11 which may contain information that will serve as evidence to provide something relevant to the legal case against Trump. However, this unique device was unable to be unlocked for more than two months.

Apple vs. Trump

An iPhone complicates the FBI

According to a report of Bloomberg, the FBI had in its hands the iPhone 11 of Parnas, this flatly refused to give his password and the most popular research group in the world he faced almost impenetrable security, which had to be challenged by the most advanced and powerful technology to decipher hardware and software.

That kind of technology is only available to the FBI, there is no clue that it has been copied, violated or acquired by pirates or hackers, which gives an approach to the effort and techniques that must be used to penetrate an Apple device, demonstrating how far the good security offered by the company reaches its users

Although this security treatment may divide opinions because many believe that it hinders the law, it is important to emphasize that Apple simply offers almost inviolable security in its products. The value that this has is independent for the purposes of each user.