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This is all we have available in the third season of Call of Duty: Mobile

call of duty mobile

The third season of Call of Duty: Mobile has just launched with major improvements that reach one of the most popular games of the moment. This new update comes with new modes, new maps, a new season of classified modes for BR and MP, a new Battle Pass and much more.

The official information about this third season is now available and you can enjoy it by updating Call of Duty: Mobile in the App Store, it is full of surprises for the millions of players.

What's new in the third season of Call of Duty: Mobile

The first thing that they have revealed to us is the arrival of a new multiplayer mode called Rapid fire. Give us an experience of fast pace and full of action in which we will have infinite ammunition, infinite grenades, speed up the cooldown of operator skills and recharge faster. This mode will be available for a limited time so everyone can try it during the season 3 release.

third season of Call of Duty: Mobile

The second important novelty of the third season comes in the form of a map. This new map is Scrapyard, a recreation of the classic map of Modern Warfare 2. It is a medium-sized map that offers many opportunities for close range combat and promises a lot of action. This is the first multiplayer map to be launched in season 3 of Call of Duty: Mobile because later we will see another new map called Cage, which has a deceptively basic design of three vertical lanes, open sniper lanes, and a mix of closed rooms and mid-range options.

third season of Call of Duty: Mobile

Another important novelty is that now you can identify yourself with your Call of Duty account, Facebook is no longer the only way of identification. You can link your current account without problems and it is also compatible with Gamecenter. Also if you link your account, you will get a new Outrider weapon – Arctic skin as a reward. In addition, a new mode for Battle Royale called Warfare has also been canceled with important news.

They are waiting for us many surprises throughout this year in Call of Duty: Mobile, season 3 is already here with many surprises, if you want to know them all do not forget to visit the official Activision blog where you will discover all the news that will come soon.