Thermal well-being, the success formula of the Embr Wave bracelet

Thermal well-being, the success formula of the Embr Wave bracelet

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Embr Labs, the first thermal wellness technology company, is exhibiting its renewed Embr Wave at CES 2020, a revolutionary and portable device that uses thermal sensations to improve your well-being. Sam Shames, co-founder of Embr Labs, and Jake Abrams, vice president of marketing, welcomed us to the Sands Expo to do a demonstration of Embr Wave and learn more about this product.

Since Sam Shames launched the Embr Wave on the famous American television show Good morning america And, in addition, he won the AARP Innovative Aging Award, everyone has been very excited about the unique properties of Wave, which positively impacts the body and brain through the use of temperature waves.



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Embr has sold tens of thousands of Wave devices to customers in 140 countries, and its technology has been validated no less than by UC Berkeley and Johnson & Johnson. In fact, a study with Johnson & Johnson Innovation showed that the use of Wave reduced by 16% in the daily interference related to daytime hot flashes, which confirms that technology can be a solid and natural solution.

The comments of the clients and the investigations that link the temperature with the dream led Embr to develop the resting mode of Embr Wave, a 35-minute cooling or heating session with sensations of temperature that decrease with time to fall asleep. Participants in a second study with Johnson & Johnson Innovation who used the sleep mode saw a 28% reduction in sleep onset latency, as well as an increase in nighttime sleep.

Since the brain processes thermal sensations using the same neural network as used in social emotions, Embr's technology also has the potential to help people control stress and anxiety. In fact, the emerging field of social thermoregulation shows us how profound the relationship between temperature and the regulation of our moods can be.

"We are happy to return to CES to share the potential of thermal well-being," Shames said. "We feel well positioned on the next frontier of health and well-being, excited to lead this burden."

With user feedback, the rapid innovation in thermal sciences for wellness and the support of a $ 6 million fundraising round led by DigiTx Partners, Embr Labs is uniquely positioned to lead the thermal wellness category in 2020 and beyond.

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