The Xiaomi Mi A2 is put on sale before its presentation, only 224 euros!

The Xiaomi Mi Max 3, Mi A2, Mi 8, POCOPHONE F1 and more products come to Europe

One of the best ways to know with some prior to the official presentation if a mobile is going to go out in a market or not is to check if the terminal in question has been certified by the corresponding agencies of each country.

Given the nature of these devices, in order to be sold in certain regions, governments must give their approval and that creates a series of reports and public documents that we can look at.

This is what happened with the Xiaomi terminals that are on their way to Europe since they have gone through the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission).

Xiaomi Mi Max 3, Mi A2, Mi 8 …

Among the certified products are three acquaintances, two of which have not yet been submitted. In addition to the Xiaomi Mi 8 we will see in our continent the future Xiaomi Mi Max 3, which will presumably be announced on July 19 and the Xiaomi Mi A2, which will see the theory in light on July 24 in Madrid.

It is striking that we do not have news of the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, a smartphone that we analyzed recently and that we loved and that may not reach these lands.


Two other less known devices have also made an appearance. We refer to the mysterious high-end Xiaomi and a set top box for the TV.

The first leaked a few days ago and we didn't think it was going to reach the west, although it seems that it will be. The second has not yet been confirmed if it is a variant of a device already announced in Asia or if it is a new product designed specifically for our market.