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The Vox Twitter account is suspended

Twitter and political parties are rarely friends, and in this case the Vox account has been suspended for hate speech after the publication of several offensive tweets towards the spokeswoman of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra.

Everything comes because of the "parental pin" implantation policy in public education institutions. Something headed by Vox and that the debate has reached the Internet. But it is not the first, nor is it the last time a social network censors Vox. Something similar has already happened with your YouTube channel, but in this case it was for breaking the copyright laws.

The dispute between Lasta and Vox, caused Twitter to receive hundreds of complaints and finally decided to suspend the account of the political party of Abascal.

Anonymous filters data from Vox users after hacking its website

The social network of the blue bird ensures that the rules have been breached and therefore it has been decided to suspend the Vox account for incitement to hate. For its part, the political formation of Abascal says it is a government strategy which has pressed Twitter to censor the account.

The epicenter of all the noise has been the response that Adriana Lastra sent to Vox in which I called them backgraded for supporting the parental pin. Vox's response was blunt and guilty ensuring that the government supported pedophilia.

One way or another, Vox, has been suspended for several hours and unable to tweet. To recover normalcy, Twitter asked Vox to eliminate the tweet of discord, but they have refused, and continue without eliminating it.

Image - Vox Twitter account suspended

As we can see in the previous capture, in the Twitter profile of Manuel Mariscal you can access the screenshots that show that the situation is real and that Twitter has suspended the Vox account for going against its rules of use.

Now, the political formation has two options, or eliminate the tweet, or appeal if they believe that Twitter has made a mistake. If you choose the second option, Vox account will be locked until further notice. Since at that time, the organization of Twitter must determine whether it is truly a mistake of theirs, or Vox has really breached the rules of use of the social network.

Gab, the social network alternative to Twitter used by Vox supporters