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The 10 best ARKit games for iPhone and iPad that you should play

When iOS 11 was released to the general public last month, Apple managed to convert hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads into Augmented Reality enabled devices. This was possible because iOS 11 had support for the company's ARKit platform. ARKit is nothing more than a framework that allows developers to create augmented reality experiences without parallel for iPhone and iPad with ease. Although it has only been a month since the update began to be implemented, we have already seen a lot of new applications and games in the App Store that take advantage of ARKit to offer an authentic Augmented Reality experience. Well, we have already made a list of some of the best ARKit applications that are currently available in the App Store, but if you are more interested in the games side, here are the 10 best ARKit games for iPhone and iPad. you should play

The best ARKit games for iPhone and iPad

1. The machines

During the iPhone launch event last month, to show what ARKit is capable of, Apple showed a new AR game called "The Machines." Developed by the games directive, the game allows players to place a virtual battlefield in the real world which can be used as a PvP field to compete with your friends. The players can control the game from different angles moving around the table where they have established their battlefield. In general, his strategic game and dependence on pure skills is good enough to keep him involved all day.

Install: ($ 4.99)

2. Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

This is another game that Cupertino-based company showed during the iPhone launch event that took place over a month ago. Although the game has been available for almost 2 years, it has recently been updated to take advantage of Apple's ARKit platform. The popular fighting game developed by Pixel Toys now has a dedicated "Photo Mode" of AR that allows players to bring the knights of Freeblade to the real world and share snapshots with their friends . The feature works exceptionally well as long as the character placement is good enough.

Install: (Free, with puirchases in the application)

3. Clitter Dividers

Next on the list, we have a game that won the Apple Design Award earlier this year. Developed by RAC7 Games, Splitter Clitters allows players to split the world with a simple swipe and then rearrange it to guide the creatures back to their spaceship. Well, if you already play this game, you are pleased to know that it has now been updated to be compatible with Apple's ARKit. The game now seems to be playing in a virtual box that is placed on the table in Augmented Reality . Also, when you move your iPhone's camera to change the perspective, you will really notice a change in the pieces of land around which, at a minimum, it is impressive.

Install: ($ 2.99)

4. AR Dragon

Have you ever wanted to have a dragon like your pet like Toothless in the movie? How to train your dragon ? Well, with Augmented Reality in iOS 11, that's really possible. In AR Dragon, you get your own unique dragon pet. Every day, your dragon grows bigger and bigger in size . There is no way for two dragons to see exactly the game in this game. Players can feed their dragons and make sure they have fun taking care of. In addition, they can collect more than 20 unique hats and skins to dress their dragons. In general, the game has all the potential to become quite fast addictive.

Install: (Free, with purchases within the application)

5. Pokmon Go

Pokmon Go is one of the biggest and most successful AR games with more than hundreds of millions of downloads. When it was originally launched in 2016, the AR mode of the game basically looked more like a trick, which led many people to disable the feature. However, Pokmon Go now supports ARKit, and the augmented reality feature has received significant improvements. To make things realistic, the Pokmons will now be anchored to a place in the environment instead of floating aimlessly . Well, if you're a fan of the hit animated series, you'll certainly fall in love with the way you discover these mystical creatures.

Install: (Free, with purchases within the application)

6. ARise

Unlike other games on the list, ARise is a puzzle game that is completely built from scratch for Apple's ARKit platform. In ARise, players can place the game world in the real world and explore them along with your pint-sized character from all angles, just move around with your iPhone or iPad camera . What makes the game quite unique is the fact that it doesn't require touching or sliding to complete the puzzle. As of now, there are 3 worlds available in the game with new puzzles that will be added free each month.

Install: ($ 2.99)

7. Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

This is unlike any other casual AR game we've seen so far. Zombie Gunship Revenant AR gives you the opportunity to go all weapons firing at hordes of zombies for yourself. Basically, you will use your iPhone as a virtual combat helicopter and you can control it simply by moving the device . Expect intense battles with the graphics of the game's thermal camera and devastating weapons to keep you busy for days and days. If you like shooters, you're sure to love playing this on your iOS device.

Install: (Free, with purchases within the application)

8. Euclidean lands

Next on the list, we have another puzzle game that manages to offer an authentic Augmented Reality experience by leveraging ARKit's capabilities. Although the game has been available in a non-AR state for quite some time now, it can now allow you to place the puzzles in the real world and play the game from multiple angles due to Augmented Reality support. With the exchange mechanics from geometer of the game , players can turn and turn the six-sided world to change perspective and flank his enemies.

Install: ($ 3.99)

9. AR stack

Stack is an addictive one-touch game that has been available for quite some time. Here, players must place moving blocks on top of each other and, therefore, stack them to the limit where it is impossible to do so. However, at Stack AR, you get the same real-world experience. That's right, it is likely that stack the moving blocks on your desk or coffee table once you start playing Well, you can even move around the battery with your iPhone or iPad camera and play it from multiple perspectives.

Install: (Free, with purchases within the application)

10. Thomas and his minis friends

I am pretty sure that most of us have built toy train games when we are children. If you already feel nostalgic, you can go ahead and download Thomas and Friends Minis immediately. Developed by Budge Studios, the game allows you to build your own set of trains piece by piece and bring them to life with Thomas the train and all his friends. Thanks to ARKit support, You can place the entire train set in the real world and move with the camera of your device to infinitely customize the set with slides, frozen loops, rainbow bridges, etc.

Install: (Free, with purchases within the application)

The best ARKit games you should play

Even before iOS 11 came out with ARKit support, there were several games that should offer the Augmented Reality experience. To be honest, most of them didn't impress me especially because the fact that the ARs offered by them felt more like a trick rather than a feature that was actually functional enough to use. Therefore, he was a bit skeptical about Apple's ARKit platform when they initially announced it again on WWDC. To my surprise, the Augmented Reality experience of iOS 11 provided by games that use ARKit is significantly better and much more functional than I expected. Only a month has passed and there are already many AR games in the App Store to pass the time. So, have you tried all these ARKit games? If so, what is your favorite? Let us know, in the comments section below.

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