Soon there will be changes in Spotify for mobile

It wasn't long sinceSpotifymade its arrival in the stock market, and was received with open arms and consequently, with a rise in its shares, because once it depends on shareholders, the changes arrive faster than before, and although there are already some, now They have sent invitations to talk about the changes in the mobile applications.

In this event there will be a presentation by the head of R&D, the vice president of product Babar Zafar and the head of services Troy Carter, which are the high positions and consequently it is expected to be something great in this event that the givesApril 24.

Now they have confirmed that they are going to deal with various changes that receive the mobile application, as is thevoice control that the company has been doing in some iOS accounts, with the purpose of improving the experience that users have when interacting with their application. At the same time, the company has also been working on several changes that improve the usability of free subscription on mobile devices, encouraging its users to pay for the premium service.

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