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Samsung launch a cheap folding phone in 2020

Samsung folding phone

Samsung seeks to be one of the reference brands in the field of folding smartphones. The firm will launch new models, two confirmed, in 2020. This means that the firm will increase production significantly. In addition, we can expect one of the new folding phones that they launch to be cheaper.

Until now it was known that Samsung would launch a folding phone in 2020. It seems that the Korean giant seeks to redouble its bet, because there will be two devices that arrive to the market next year. One of them could be an interest bet for a more massive audience.

The first of Samsung's two folding phones for next year would arrive in the first months. It is commented that in the MWC 2020 or just before, along with the Galaxy S11, the presentation of this phone would be held. The new information about this device is that it will be very cheap, of around 800 euros price.

This would be the first of the phones, but not the only one. There would be a second model, which would be the Galaxy Fold 2. This second phone would be launched in August 2020, so that it would arrive with the Galaxy Note 10 to the market. It would be a more expensive phone, at the level of this year.

Samsung waits this way boost sales of folding phones. Some estimates say that by 2020 they could sell six million units to the market. A figure that could skyrocket in 2021 in a remarkable way, with sales of 20 million worldwide.

It would be a success for Samsung if These sales are achieved in its range of folding phones. So we will see if this folding model with a cheaper price helps increase sales of these types of devices. We hope more will be known soon about its market launch.