Se confirman los precios del Samsung Galaxy S6 y S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge prices are confirmed

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<p class=They say that after the storm comes calm. But in the case of Samsung the opposite happens to us. After the presentation last Sunday during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, It’s time to shake and start scratching our pockets to buy the new flagships of Samsung.

Prices have already been confirmed, mostly because both devices are already in presale and, as predicted, they will not be economic at all. Prices range from the economical 699 euros of the simplest Samsung Galaxy S6 to 1049 of the S6 Edge for greater capacity.

  • Samsung galaxy S6 of 32GB for 699 euros
  • Samsung galaxy S6 64GB for 799 euros
  • Samsung galaxy S6 128GB for 899 euros
  • Samsung galaxy S6 Edge 32GB for 849 euros
  • Samsung galaxy S6 Edge of 64GB for 949 euros
  • Samsung galaxy S6 Edge of 128GB for 1049 euros

Evidently Prices are not cheap, but as always, the novelty is necessary to pay. Over the months, the price will plummet. Something that happened with the Samsung Galaxy S5, which in just two months its price fell almost 200 euros.

Will you agree to pay these prices as long as you have it before? Or are you able to wait a while and save a few hundred euros?