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Rosala already has a TikTok account

The popular artist Rosala has just opened a TikTok, with which the short video social network wins another famous for its ranks. TikTok has a public especially teenage, and its own ecosystem of "influencers", but increasingly famous and brands create their profiles.

Rosala enters TikTok with the user @rosaliavt (the same one he uses on Twitter) and the name "La Rosala" in the profile, which has been verified immediately, and has uploaded some music videos. A safe bet, because in TikTok triumphs humor, comedy and, especially, music, although in many cases playback is done.

The arrival of Rosala to the application of short videos can help make it more popular among the general public. We have recommended some users to follow in TikTok, and almost all follow the same profile: they are very young, attractive and barely known outside TikTok.

Image - Rosalía already has a TikTok account

Although Rosala is only 26 years old, she exceeds the usual average age in the social network, and she is well known for her artistic work, so she expands TikTok's horizons. In just a few hours, Rosala has obtained 125,000 followers and almost 250,000 likes, with which its premiere has been well received.

In the same way that the average age on Facebook has been rising and Instagram became the fashion application, TikTok is one of the candidates to take a place in the future. Of course, your goal is to consume content, a kind of YouTube with very short and direct videos.

Justin Bieber also recently opened his TikTok, so it seems that the platform is waiting for rapid growth, which probably means that new types of videos arrive, whether from famous people, brands and even institutions.

Rosala, although she was born in Spain, has reached a lot of international impact, so she is probably getting followers from many countries.

Of course, the approach casual and eclectic TikTok fits quite well with Rosala's style, although the 3 clips that he has uploaded for now are quite simple, playing his songs in various daily scenarios.

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What do you think of Rosala joining this platform? Do you think it is a social network to consider during the next months?