operacion triunfo 2020

Operation Triumph 2020: Release date, jury and much more

After three long months of castings throughout the Spanish geography, finally the official contestants who will participate in Operation Triumph 2020 have been chosen. We met them at Gala 0, in which only 16 of the 18 applicants of this edition finally entered the Academy.

Below you will find all the information related to this new season of the musical contest par excellence of television, which in 2017 released artists such as Amaia Romero, Aitana Ocaa, Ana Guerra, Alfred Garca or Luis Cepeda.

One more year, there have been changes both in the organization chart of professors of the Academy and in the jury table that gala after gala will nominate four contestants. Instead, Roberto Leal remain one more year the presenter of the galas and Ricky Merino present The chat.

Unlike previous years, this time the representative of Spain will not be selected at the Eurovisin Festival. Sread on to find out what the long-awaited new edition of Operation Triumph begins, which you can follow both on TV and on streaming. Who will become the new music star?

Who are the contestants of Operation Triumph 2020

The names of the 16 contestants that make up the Operation Triumph 2020 edition are already known:

Contestant Age Home
Anaju Calavia 25 years Alcaiz
Anne Lukin 18 years Pamplona
Ariadna Tortosa 18 years Sant Joan Desp
Bruno Carrasco 25 years Alcan de Henares
Eli Snchez 19 years The Gran Canarian palms
Eva Barreiro 19 years Sada
Flavio Fernndez 19 years Murcia
Grard Rodrguez 20 years Ceuta
Hugo Cobo 20 years Cordoba
Javy Ramrez 21 years old Barbate
Jess Rendn 24 years Barbate
Maialen Gurbindo 25 years Pamplona
Na Correia 26 years The Gran Canarian palms
Nick Martnez 19 years Sant Cugat del Valls
Rafa Romera 23 years Adamuz
Samantha Gilabert 25 years Beniarrs

The first editions of Operation Triumph unveiled Spanish artists such as David Bisbal, Chenoa, Manuel Carrasco or Edurne. Since TVE again bet on the format, some contestants that have triumphed are Aitana, Amaia and Miki Nuez.

Who are the professors of the Academy of Operation Triumph 2020

The Academy of Operation Triumph has again undergone changes. In addition to a renovation in terms of its structure and interior design, it also has a new faculty staff headed again by the directors Noem Galera and Manu Guix.

The Javis (Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi) are again low and this year they will be replaced by Ivan Lavanda as Professor of Interpretation. The singer ZaharaOn the other hand, take over from Guille Milkyway and Miqui Puig as Professor of Musical Culture.

On the other hand, this edition introduces new subjects, among which Composition and Musical Language stand out. Already in the castings, it was made clear that the contestants must compose and interpret their own songs and with the help of experts they will try to strengthen that.

Mamen Mrquez, Joan Carles Capdevila, Laura Andrs repeat as director and coaches vowels respectively. So do Xuan Lan (yoga), Vicky Gmez (choreography), Cristina Burgos and Sheila Ortega (urban dance) and Andrea Villalonga (protocol).

Who are the members of the jury of Operation Triumph 2020

There has been a complete renovation of the jury this year. It highlights the return of Nina to Operacin Triunfo 2020, although instead of being the director of the Academy, she must judge the performances of the contestants gala after gala.

The singer and actress will be accompanied by the vocalist of La Quinta Estacin, Natalia Jimnez; the director of Cadena 100, Javier Llano; and the head of A&R at Sony Music Javier Portugus ("Portu").

When Operation Triumph 2020 begins

Operation Triunfo 2020 start its broadcasts this Sunday, January 12 from 10:00 p.m. The Gala 0 serve to finally choose the 16 candidates who will become contestants and enter to live in the Academy.

Thus, galas cease to be broadcast on Wednesday and will be held every Sunday after the TVE News. Initially, the season will consist of 14 programs, although this year one of them will not be dedicated to deciding which of the triumphs will represent us at the next Eurovisin Festival.