Only one in five people use smartwatch or smartband

Only one in five people use smartwatch or smartband

Woman making a call through her smart watch

It seems that wherever you turn, you will find more than one person with a smart watch or bracelet. However, the reality is different. According to a Pew Research Center survey, only one in five people in the United States regularly uses one of these devices.

The data does not stop attracting attention, especially when the market is invaded by multiple smartwatches Y smartbands for virtually any style and budget, from the advanced Apple Watch Series 5 to the economical Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

The consultant indicated that as with many other forms of digital technology, the use of these gadgets It varies substantially by socio-economic factors. About three out of 10 Americans, with incomes of $ 75,000 dollars or more per year, say they use a smart watch or tracker on a regular basis, which contrasts with 12 percent of those with annual incomes below $ 30,000 dollars, accurate.

Education also influences: Pew Research Center found that university graduates adopt these devices to a greater extent than those who have high school or a lower level. With regard to gender and ethnicity, the differences are less noticeable: women are more likely to regularly use these electronics than men (25 vs. 18 percent); while Hispanic adults also have higher percentages than white adults (25 versus 20 percent).

With regard to sharing their physical and wellness information, the respondents are divided. In this regard, four out of 10 users report that it is acceptable for manufacturers to share the data with medical researchers, in order to better understand the relationship between exercise and heart disease, while 35 percent say that this is a practice unacceptable.

It can be said that all major cell phone manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi, are entering the field of wearables, especially with smart bracelets, watches and headphones. In this sense, in the next few years, it is almost a fact that their adoption and use will increase considerably.

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