New Emojis 2020 on WhatsApp

In case the list is not too long, we will soon have new emojis on WhatsApp, as Unicode has released the complete list of 117 emojis that will progressively arrive this year to different applications in different designs.

It is usual to see a new list of emojis every year, in this case over a hundred, but probably over the next few months let's see many more. This release is not imminent, but will be coming soon to all apps.

Surely you missed some to use in WhatsApp or on the contrary you are still waiting for the arrival of a new one, in that case you will have to wait a long time to see if it finally appears or not.

Among the most prominent emojis are not lacking varieties of genus, faces, part of the human body, hand gestures, characters, animals, instruments and other objects that, despite being common, were not yet available in any application.

List of emojis that will arrive in 2020

There are many to expose them all, so we are going to leave you one list of the most important emojis that in a couple of months they will reach WhatsApp and other apps:

  1. Food: green pepper, blueberries, bubble tea, fondue, etc.
  2. Musical instruments: Chord and long drum.
  3. Household items: teapot, sewing needle, window, mirror, potted plant, toothbrush, mouse trap, etc.
  4. Clothing: helmet, sandal, etc.
  5. Animals: bison, black cat, fly, cockroach, seal, beetle, etc.
  6. People: man and woman in tuxedo, man and woman feeding a baby, man and woman with veil, etc.
  7. Others: transgender flag, pen, rock, screwdrivers, boomerang, elevator, ladder, graveyard, pen, window with curtain, magic wand, sign, trunk, coin, knot, etc.

Both Apple and Android will soon adopt all these new emojis, so that they will also be available in this 2020 in WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other applications, each with its respective design since not all apps will have the same design.

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