Meizu deploys Flyme 8 stable to the second batch of phones ┬╗ERdC

Meizu deploys Flyme 8 stable to the second batch of phones ┬╗ERdC

Meizu deploys stable Flyme 8 to the second batch of phones

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Flyme 8 is about the user interface of the Meizu company. The last update of the stable version of Flyme 8 has already reached the first batch of Smartphone announced by Meizu. Recently, Meizu has made it official that the update will be reaching the second batch of Smartphone that had been revealed. The company has stated that users can verify the update by going to the System Updates application. Therefore, the implementation of the user interface Flyme 8 it will be essentially complete; where all the devices programmed to receive the update will be counting on it shortly.

The stable version of Flyme 8 is coming to the Smartphone: Meizu 16Xs, Meizu 15 Lite, PRO 7 Standard Edition, Meizu Note9 (M9 Note), Meizu Note8 (M8 Note), Meizu X8, PRO 6 Plus, PRO 6s, PRO 6, PRO 5, MX6, Meizu E3 (Blue Charm) , Meizu S6 (Blue Charm), Meizu M6 (Blue Charm), Meizu M5 Note (Blue Charm), Meizu M3 Max (Blue Charm), Meizu M3E (Blue Charm).

The Flyme 8 user interface was announced at the end of August 2019; this together with the Star Smartphone Meizu 16S Pro. The company made the announcement that the new user interface update; will reach a total of 27 Meizu devices by the end of last year. Now finally, the update is being completed reaching all the promised Smartphone.

What's new in the Flyme 8 update.

The new version of Flyme 8 has more than 1000 visual updates. The design of the home screen has been changed to 4×6 with improved icons; even for third party applications. The operating system presents something called Smart Wallpaper; which I extend the desktop background to the lock screen. The new version adopts a new grid system; which makes better use of white space in the user interface. Also more than 300 new animations have been added, even for ODA. Now the use of multitasking has also been improved; with the implementation of a mini smart window 2.0.

Among other features it is also presented that night mode 2.0 offers darker shadows; this in the entire user interface, this allows a better night viewing experience. Game Mode 4.0 combines the game interface with darker graphics. Even a call detection function is added in game mode; which records incoming calls while playing and makes it available to the user after the session.

These and many other functions have been added with the user interface update. You can check the complete record of changes on the Meizu page.


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