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Huawei declares war at low cost with Mediapad T1 10


Huawei declares war at low cost with Mediapad T1 10

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October 10, 2015

Mediapad T1 Web

Tablets have become essential tools for millions of people. Some use them for their work, others prefer them as instruments that guarantee them hours and hours of leisure and on the other hand, there are users who look for both things in these devices. To meet these needs, there are dozens of models of different sizes, features and price on the market.

These features make the tablets fall into different ranges that range from the most expensive and exclusive terminals to the most affordable ones. Within the latter we can find a real war between firms to attract the largest number of customers. Huawei has decidedly entered into this conflict within low cost tablets with its Mediapad T1 10 model.

Big screen but discreet

In terms of size, the Mediapad can be at the height of the Samsung Galaxy S2 as it has a 9.6 inch screen. However, in terms of resolution, it is far behind what is usual in mid-range terminals. Its 800 × 1280 pixels compared to the 1536 × 2048 of other similar models such as the Asus ZenPad S they place the Huawei model in a discreet position.

White T1 Mediapad

Limited autonomy

As we have mentioned on other occasions, battery life is one of the big obstacles that firms must solve in order to finish offering quality devices. In this case, Huawei also suffers from a lack in this regard since The average duration of a Mediapad T1 10 charge is 7 hours, which also places it below other terminals in the same range as the Tesla de BQ, whose autonomy reaches 9 hours approximately.

Good processors

However, in the field of speed and performance, Huawei has managed to respond. The Mediapad T1 10 has a quad-core MSM 8916 processor similar to those of Asus or Acer.

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Memory failure

This is another of the great shortcomings of this device. If we compare it with the Asus ZenPad 8-inch, the Huawei tablet is at a clear disadvantage. 1 GB of RAM and 16 storage capacity. Figures four times lower than those of this rival and that do not place this device too well if what is sought is a great ability to save content.

The price, one of its strengths

Although in some features, the Mediapad T1 10 is well below other mid-range competitors, its price may be one of its strengths. We must start from a fact: The more features, the more expensive the device. However, Huawei offers an acceptable terminal that, although it does not live up to the largest in its class, if it is capable of providing good user experiences at a good price: 179 euros.


In this case we find some similarity with the vast majority of medium-low models. The operating system of the Mediapad T1 10 is Android 4.4 upgradeable to Lollypop. A good option if what you are looking for is a tablet for leisure.

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