Tappy Bear

Help the bear catch salmon in the casual Tappy Bear

Tappy Bear is a new casual for Android in which you will be faced with a very simple premise: to hunt salmon for the poor bear. Well, if we are going to be the bear ourselves and with a very simple mechanics we will try to beat our own record in order to share it with colleagues and bite with them.

We can almost say that Tappy Bear is based on this, since your gameplay, not at all complicated, is able to get hopelessly hooked by having that timer with time limit and to which we can add a few extra seconds for each salmon caught.

A casual in which you have to be the fastest

Tappy bear

Tappy Bear takes us before a 2D casual in which we have located at the top the bear, right in the waterfall, so that all those fish that try to jump to reach the other side of the river can be hunted with their skillful claws.

Our task is to move from one place to another to place us right where our bear can skillfully attack them and thus take a good bite to his huge mouth. Now you will wonder what where the problem or handicap really lies the match. Well, simple, in the timer or time bar that is consumed as the seconds go by.

Our objective is add the maximum possible points for each fish caught and thus try to make the time bar stop, since each fish hunted by our bear becomes a few extra seconds that will come from pearls to get the highest possible score; and so follow the journey of Flappy Bird, a similar game in conception and in which to share the score with our friends was one of his best punctures.

Quickly click on the screen in Tappy Bear

Tappy bear

The main idea of ​​Tappy Bear is that you be as fast as possible, as well we will get to catch more fish and more fish They mean more seconds to play. The problem really is in making us move our bear. That is, a lateral press to go to the side, and when we are on the side of the waterfall, press again on the same side to continue hunting those who come afterwards.

We must comment that here we don't have new items to unlock or the ability to dress our bear. The game is as it is presented to us and there is nothing else. Well, on the main screen we do have our own personal record and the one we have achieved for the last time. Each time we finish a game we will be given the option to share the screenshot and pass it on to our colleagues and friends.

This is where the fun of Tappy Bear really falls. Find a few colleagues who meet and beat with them through screenshots to play some pizzas next weekend or who has to do x homework. Like the famous Flappy Bird, the ability to try to get the highest score is bliss, so you know how to quickly hit the screen to get the maximum points.

A casual 2D with lots of color


And although we are a little strange to know that we have no way of unlocking clothes or something else, Tappy Bear is left as is that casual with which to bite with colleagues or to which we can play for a few minutes.

Visually it is quite attractive and the bear is funny. At least yes there is some variety in fish to hunt those environments to which we are approaching according to the games we play. Little more to say, because that's what it is with Tappy Bear.

Tappy Bear is a free game for your mobile that comes from Sound of Clouds and that you have it there waiting for you to share it with colleagues and have a laugh. Not for more, but it is what has been sought from the beginning. We leave you with another casual with many animals.

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