HD Offertory, Buy the Day without Missing Any Offer on your iPad

HD offer, the best offers of your favorite items directly on your iPad

How many times have you opened the mailbox and found in the propaganda that you have left that item you need on offer? Offert HD for iPad will take care of show you in a single app all the propaganda of the most famous companies of different sectors so that you are always up to date with the offers they offer and you can make a smart purchase. Is it interesting? Keep reading.


In Ofertia HD you will find the best offers that the market offers you right now. Everything simply by touching the screen of your iPad, from the sofa of your home, totally free and with high definition quality so that you can perfectly observe all the details of the offered items. You will be able to know what is the nearest store where they sell it, obtain information from the store and add alerts about the products that interest you at later dates. All that and more offers you HD Offertia. You haven't downloaded it yet?

HD offer, save money and time with this great app for your iPad

The idea offered by Ofertia HD is very simple: group the offer catalogs that periodically offer us under the same app the most cutting-edge discounts of different sectors such as food, telephone, toys, clothing, etc. When you open the app, all catalogs will be displayed on a kiosk or iBooks style shelf on your iPad. Clicking on one of them will open up showing you the complete pages in high definition and you can zoom on any part of the page shown to have more detail.

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If you don't want to see all the catalogs one by one, you can use its powerful search engine to find the item you are looking for. As a result of the search you will be shown the pages of the catalogs where said article is offered. If you choose to see one of the pages found, from there you can move freely through that catalog and can return at any time to the search result. Easy and powerful, right?

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When you have found the offer that interests you in a catalog, You can visit the nearest store where they sell it by clicking on the location icon at the bottom of the app. A map will open indicating you, with an icon with the commercial brand of the company that distributes it, where the store is located and, by clicking on the icon, the exact information of the trade with its street and location. And not only that, on the main screen of the application, you have a Stores option that indicates all the stores near you that offer their products in HD Offertia. Never get lost!

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But Ofertia HD offers you much more. In addition to catalogs and alerts for specific items you are looking for, the app offer you discount coupons that will change periodically with which you can save a few euros in your day to day. Coupons such as those offered by McDonnald’s will be immediately available so you can enjoy them just by printing them. Are you already using them?

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<p>Offertory HD is an essential application on your iPad if you want to save time and money on your purchases. <strong>With a clear and attractive interface we offer you the catalogs of offers of companies specialized in High Definition format</strong> (HD) with which you can spend less euros in your day. Your option to add alerts to products for later catalogs, the possibility of knowing which store is closest to you and the purchase of coupons from important stores only highlight the idea of ​​installing this app immediately. What are you waiting for?</p><div class='code-block code-block-8' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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