Hacking an iPhone is easier than an Android

On some occasion they may have sold us that "iPhone is more secure". Apple may beat Google in some ways, unquestionably, and vice versa, but it has been shown that it is more "simple" to hack an iPhone than an Android mobile.

In the tests have faced several brands of mobile phones, and the most curious of all is that the most "mobile" mobile, in terms of security, has been the Huawei P20 Pro.

Clearview, the app that the FBI uses to identify people

All this comes because of the comings and goings that is having the issue of privacy and security today, against the demands of the American government that keep pressing for technology companies to eliminate encryption from end to end and be able to give access, or facilitate it, to the relevant authorities such as the FBI.

There are two companies, which work together with the FBI, that have stated that you can drop that encryption and access the mobile data. They are high-end phones and the current market.

This is because there are a number of voids and "blind spots" through which these specialized companies can access information easily.

According to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), these types of checks and tests have little or nothing to do with the current debate between technology and governments.

Apparently, they perform these tests as part of a "training" in a constant study of current technologies so that, in the face of a real case, it is known to act accurately.

The idea, and why the American government presses so hard, is for technology to facilitate the work of the FBI in order to investigate some terrorist. This will mean calling into question the security and privacy of billions of Android and iPhone users. This is why telephone companies refuse so much to yield.

It is clear that Apple had not 100% complied with its encryption policy, since it had allowed the FBI to access the iCloud thus facilitating the investigations of the authorities.

Returning to hacking, the NIST Computer Forensic Tool Testing program has a software called UFED 4PC able to access the data of almost any modern mobile being able to extract confidential information such as location, contacts, call log, messages, social media data, email, etc.

This software was easy when practicing with an iPhone X, as well as other models before the aforementioned. They were able to obtain all the information that we have commented in the previous paragraph.

Image - Hacking an iPhone is easier than an Android

The UFED 4PC software could not obtain information from Gmail accounts on the iPhones with which the software was tested, but it is enough that the police ask for a court order to access all emails and the cloud associated with Gmail accounts.

Cellebrite is a program capable of accessing mobile phones and obtaining information, especially messages.