Google Maps

Google Maps introduce a new interface shortly

Google Maps

Google Maps will soon have a new interface. At least it can be seen as tests are being done in the application in which a new design would be introduced in it. In this new interface of the application a great change would be introduced, since the sidebar of the application will be removed soon.

In this way, said side menu is removed and the rest of the options are distributed in other menus that are within Google Maps. It is an important change for the navigation application, which is committed to a cleaner design in this case.

Google Maps removes that menu and the options that were present are entered in the account selection menu. That is where we now find all the options, such as access to the profile, chronology, the option of offline maps or the possibility of sharing live location.

The evolution of the app in a kind of social network is becoming real, because the sections of your sites and your contributions gain more prominence in this case. Both are integrated in the lower menu of the application, although with new names: Saved and Contribute.

It seems clear that you are looking for enhance the use of these two functions in Google Maps, so that in future updates there may be improvements or changes in these functions in the application. The application has already been changing functions and design these months, with the use of shortcuts, for example.

There are already some users who have access to this new Google Maps interface. So it is expected that these next weeks will be launched to more users worldwide. Although nothing has been said officially from Google, they will surely announce this interface shortly. What do you think about this new app design?