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Global Operations now available, new free-to-play for Android

The editor MY.GAMES has announced that Warface: Global Operations title is now available for the Android platform. The MY.GAMES Whalekit studio has created a first-person shooter inspired by the original Warfare, a video game with more than 80 million players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Players can live the war between two different military organizations, Warface and Blackwood. We can face in battles and PvP for the planet. One of the strengths is the great gameplay achieved and optimized for the mobile user, you can get the touch controls, customize the interface to your liking and even customize the shots with the weapon, manual or automatic.

Warface: Global Operations has a great environment with great details and the combat will be lived at 60 images per second. It has been matured for several months before being released for the availability of those who prefer to play it with the smartphone.

warfare global operations

Realistic weapons

We can choose between 80 different weapons, all realistic, accessories and a variety of military equipment. The mode once you get it downloaded is ‘Team Deathmatch’, facing two teams in a battle to the death, another of the ways to play is ‘Control’, the latter is to challenge to capture and defend areas of the map.

The battle opens on five maps

Hanger: Inspired by the original Warfare map and remodeled for this game. Here the domain will be frontal or with maneuvers.

Afghanistan: We will fight in a cave, in the village and in a street market. Here you will gain the advantage of being able to eliminate enemies at a distance.

Ruins: We have to explore these ruins of a coastal beach in Greece and fight for dominance at three points.

Schwarzwald: A large castle is hidden in the forest of Eastern Europe. The players will use any type of ambush by having a cloudy sand. Sniper weapons will be the best weapon or encounters at close range.

Joss House: It is one of the compact scenarios with ornaments for the architecture of China, our best weapon in this case will be explosives and long-distance combat.

wg operations

This is the head of the title

"We expand the Warface universe and we love presenting a totally new shooter in a family environment for millions of players," says Ivan Pabiarzhyn, head of the Warface franchise at MY.GAMES. “Warface: Global Operations is inspired by the original Warface PC game, but it has been created from scratch according to all current trends in mobile titles. We are always open to the exchange of experiences with external development teams and we are especially pleased that one of the MY.GAMES studios has opted to create their own product with an established franchise. I hope that not only the loyal fans of this one, but anyone who has just discovered its fast and rich gameplay, enjoy this mobile version. ”

Application Download

Warface: Global Operations. PVP War Shooter

Warface: Global Operations. PVP War Shooter