Apex Legends es el nuevo Battle Royale rival de Fortnite que llegar√° a tu Android

EA confirms that Apex Legends reach mobile phones

Apex Legends is Fortnite's new Battle Royale rival to reach your Android

In addition to calling on the phone – less and less -, use the WhatsApp and browse the latest Instagram stories, many people use their smartphone to enjoy video games. As we have already commented on more than one occasion, mobile titles are increasingly ambitious to the point that more and more companies are betting on this platform.

And for all this 2020 can not be a better year. To the already unbeatable Fortnite, Call of Duty: Mobile or PUBG, an important list of well-known franchises that will land on mobile platforms will soon be added. One of these titles is the fabulous Apex Legends and is that its developer, Electronic Arts, does not want us to forget its addictive game.

EA reminds us again that Apex Legends reach mobile phones

Apex Legends was launched during the past year and against all odds it was a real success. We don't say this because we doubt its quality, quite the opposite, since the game takes everything good from other titles like Fortnite, PUBG and even Overwatch And he knows how to mix it perfectly. But due to the strong competition that exists in this genre, we did not expect such a market break.

Therefore it was a matter of time that its creators will also be animated with a version of smartphones. EA has confirmed just a few days ago, as we can read on PC Gamer, which currently They are in talks to bring the title to Chinese mobiles which will mean that development takes its course.

According to the rumors, this partner will be the powerful Tencent And it is that the company already has experience in this sector as PUBG or Call of Duty: Mobile. Unfortunately EA still does not give an exact date of Apex Legends Mobile so its launch could be delayed until after the summer or even later in the year.

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