Do you know the trends for the Community Manager in 2020?

Do you already know the speakers of the Community Managers Summit 2020?

As in any other market, in the industry of social media marketing there are people who have stood out as community managers. Either for his extensive experience in the most important brands in the market, or for his infallible implementation of strategies that have resulted in commercial success. Many of these specialists will be presented in the next Community Managers Summit 2020. Do you already know them? If not, here we tell you something about them:

Fernando Riveroll, CMO of DHL Express Mexico

This specialist owes his experience in the market of community managers thanks to his extensive career as a marketing director. Before joining DHL, he works in the sales and marketing team at EskolMart. Likewise, he went through senior management positions in national and global companies, such as Procter & Gamble and Corporacin Zapata.

Carlos A. Carreo, Omni-channel senior marketing manager of Cinpolis

He considers himself an expert in social networks and the market of community managers Before taking his current position, he was the coordinator of the digital strategy of this cinema chain for five years. Likewise, he managed to have a long stay within the Yellow Section of Mexico. Ah also focused its efforts on the digital market.

Karen Tor, Marketing Director of Distroller Regin Mexico and the United States

Taking into account his career in this toy and accessories company, this specialist has 12 years of experience in marketing and community managers His career, of more than 10 years in Distroller, not only allowed him to become a key piece in the brand's global business plan. It has also given him a lot of valuable information, first hand, about the segment.

Valdir Ugalde, Head of corporate intelligencie of Coca-Cola Media House

An innovation specialist in the social media sector, this expert not only has a close relationship with community managers. In addition, he has spent many years of his career in search of new ways to make his work more efficient. In this sense, he was the leader of countless projects in Artificial Intelligence for its application in various tasks and sectors.

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