Delta Air Lines aims to optimize the way we travel

Delta Air Lines aims to optimize the way we travel

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Traveling by plane is wonderful, especially if we compare the transport times of terrestrial and martial alternative means. But flying has many inconveniences that you will know well: you have to go well in advance to the terminal, the heavy security controls, delays Fortunately, the American Delta airline seems determined to apply the technology to make its passengers have a travel experience much more pleasant. How will they achieve it? We detail what they have announced in the framework of CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

The mobile app is "vitamin"

Delta travelers will enjoy a new version of the phone application that, according to its creators, makes it more like a butler serving the traveler. Thanks to her, passengers will receive a notification when their line is going to board. What advantages does this have? Queues will also be avoided in the security controls of certain airports since Delta synchronize its data with the TSA. The new application, on the other hand, be able to anticipate the needs of passengers by offering services such as transfer to and from the airport thanks to an agreement with Lyft.

Exoskeleton help your employees

You will have seen it on many occasions from the plane: employees of an airline or the handling, moving sweaty heavy luggage of passengers uninterruptedly. Well, this stamp may change shortly thanks to an agreement announced by the airline with Sarcos Robotics, whereby an exoskeleton will be distributed among certain employees to allow heavy lifting without effort.

Thanks to this artificial skeleton, employees can lift up to 90 kilograms uninterruptedly for eight hours, without effort and, of course, without risk of injury. This complement will be used by Delta not only for the movement of luggage, but also for the material inside its warehouses and more situations in which heavy objects must be lifted.

Screens with personalized information

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Have you ever felt lost at an unknown airport or abroad? A lot of time is wasted and stress builds up at unsuspected levels; Delta knows it and proposes a technology that you have to see to believe it. What exactly is the airline's high tech proposal? Delta has baptized it as Parallel Reality and consists of screens – located in the test phase at the Detroit airport – that will offer personalized information to the traveler, such as their boarding gate, directions on how to get there, the location of the nearest Sky Club room, or any other information of interest that can serve the traveler.

This technology is completely voluntary and passengers must register to enjoy this service: to operate, the user must scan their boarding pass and display the aforementioned information, in a completely personalized way.

Artificial intelligence to the rescue

One of the most uncomfortable factors in a flight, in addition to the usual delays as a result of the areo traffic, is the monumental collapse that occurs when a hurricane, volcano or snowstorm, manages to collapse airports and create a growing chaos that tests the agility of the airlines. In Delta they want to go beyond the professionalism of their employees and have announced a proprietary platform based on artificial intelligence that allows decisions to be made quickly and efficiently in times of crisis.

This platform will obtain data from thousands of sources to draw possible scenarios and in this way, serve as a very precise tool in decision making in times of crisis. Delta has announced that this powerful tool will be operational in the spring, but be over time when its effectiveness is much more noticeable, since it will accumulate data steadily over time and will become smarter. This platform, of course, will take into consideration the location of aircraft in real time to facilitate hot decision making.

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