Top Nine Instagram 2019

Create your Instagram Top Nine 2019 with this simple tool

Top Nine Instagram 2019

As usual at the end of the year always we try to make a count of everything that happened during those last 12 months. In social networks it is no different, several of these they allow us to remember some of the events that have been relevant in our life and in our publications or tastes. Therefore, as in Facebook, Spotify and other applications we post a top of ms I like, we will show you how to do it with Instagram.

Top Nine for Instagram

Although this process it is not done officially, s that is a great opportunity to show your Instagram followers the reactions they have had in your posts and you know what were your best nine posts with ms I like all year.

To make this top 9 exist an alternative tool which measures the popularity of our photos and its name is Top Nine for Instagram that has already had its appearance previously on iPadizate and that this year has been renewed to be able to make a collection of the nine photographs with more likes and interactions of a user on Instagram.

I like it on instagram

Let us begin

For perform this assembly which shows the 9 most popular posts of a profile, it is necessary and important that the account is public. Subsequently you will have to download the application available for iOS, for Android or use the web version. No need to login, it is enough to place the user to make the assembly, because of this we can do the top nine of any user with public account.

In case the account is private then it will be necessary to link the account to the application, so we advise that make your account public a few minutes in what you get your image and that do not try to do this process with a third party account and to which you do not have access to the login data, to avoid problems and discomfort to the other person.

top nine user for instagram

At the end of the process, ask us for an email to which we have access So that the image arrives. This requirement is because the application claims to have a constant saturation, so the post may take a few seconds or a couple of minutes to appear, if you do not want to wait, it is easier access the result when ready in your email

Remove my contact from Top Nine for Instagram

If you are a fearful user of giving your data and suspect that it is a lead magnet, or hook to get your contact, the same application offers a website to forget your email and user, in addition to offering you the privacy policies.

You just have to go to Forget Me, give it Start and put the email you have used in the form. Consider that This process to cancel the data used it can take up to 30 days due to the same saturation of the tool. But in the end the goal is to delete all the personal that has been hosted in your database to avoid future publicity or mistrust on the site, so the hope does not turn out to be torture.

forget Top Nine user for Instagram

Now that you have your assembly, you can share it directly from the application Like any other image, make mentions, some phrases and even give credits to the application that has made the assembly with some secondary hashtags that encourage your friends to make their own and see your top nine from year 2019.

The Top Nine of Instagram already it's a classic and a free application that we recommend today, so it is guaranteed to have another publication with comments that revive emotions and moments, in addition to many new likes.