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Content ideas for social networks that your brand should develop

10 content ideas for social networks that your brand or company should already be developing

The Global Web Index firm points out that among the main reasons why people enter social networks is mainly finding content (47 percent of people highlight it according to their survey) and finding brands or products in general. With this in mind it is easy to understand why developing content for these spaces is important for companies. However, it is also known that content development can become complicated, especially when ideas are finished or have not been modified or updated after a good period of time, to address this problem, in this post we will see some options content for social networks that can serve your company.

If you have not already done so, it is recommended that you implement these social media content ideas, highlighted by HubSpot, that will help you have more elements to share with your brand community:

  • Announce the new blog post on Instagram Stories

This first idea of ​​content for social networks is intended that you can generate traction towards your website or blog while you publish on a social network. The idea, as the point points out, is to take advantage of the stories to achieve it.

As you may know, once your Instagram account has 10,000 followers, the ability to place links in these spaces is enabled, with the links you can direct the followers to pages outside the platform to generate traffic to others and meet various objectives .

In this way it is also possible to notice how different types and content can work together, that is, a platform can be used to boost what is in another.

  • Develop a survey on Instagram

Following with Instagram, another of the content ideas for social networks that your brand should already be developing is the development of surveys.

Also within Instagram Stories there are tools that are highly effective for engagement, a highly relevant element for brands. By publishing a survey through the Stories, and with one of the stickers, you can trigger the interaction of the community, you can even generate more content ideas, for example, you can do a survey asking what they would like See for the next post.

Contributing content such as statistics, blog entries or an eBook through this dynamic can also be an effective task, which shows that the business knows its industry.

With the format of the stories and the work with the surveys, even the contents that can be considered boring have the possibility of generating engagement given the way they are shared.

  • Share user generated content on Twitter

Following the content suggestions for social networks, it may be a good idea to bet on the so-called UGC (User-Generated Content) content from Twitter. According to the source, user-generated content not only helps fill the timelines of content, but also shows followers that they are being heard and that the brand is interested in what customers have to say.

One way to use it may be by resorting to the aforementioned work together, you can resume user posts to put together a blog post for the brand and thus highlight the images or videos that people publish. This acin may be more meaningful to people than just giving them or responding to them within the social network where they published the content related to your brand.

  • Interact with the audience on Twitter

Another way to take advantage of Twitter more directly for content development is to interact with audiences through formats or tools. As you probably know, Instagram is not the only space where you can develop surveys, on Twitter too.

Twitter surveys can be used to participate with the community as in the case of Instagram. With the surveys here, followers can see the dedication that the brand has to engage with the opinions of its audience.

  • Create and share website content on Facebook

Although it is possible to say that the most suitable formats for Facebook (and much of the social networks) point to the development of videos, live broadcasts or share images, other formats such as links are also valid and can provide good results as content for networks social, while also generating traffic to other spaces.

For media with websites, publishing links on their respective Facebook pages can be considered a must as its main objective is to generate traffic, however, other types of brands or businesses can use this content format for objectives such as generation of leads.

  • Publish articles and statistics of your industry on LinkedIn

Continuing with other platforms to carry the content, in a space like LinkedIn, where the tone is more professional, it may be a good idea to publish or share articles and statistics about the industry in which the brand or company is located. It is also valid to think about those issues in which the company has a good reputation. LinkedIn is the social network where you can do more significant business.

As part of the content for social networks, on LinkedIn the statistics are outstanding pieces, as well as a guide, a tutor or a valuable material to solve the problems facing the sector in which you are.

By accompanying these contents with calls to action it is possible to encourage those people who start the purchase cycle to visit the brand site and learn more.

  • Create graphics for Instagram and Facebook

Since there are spaces where the visual is what generates results, as part of the content for social networks, graphics or images cannot be missing. According to the source, these can be ideal for platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

The graphics can be highly attractive on all social platforms, as they are easier to digest for followers compared to content that consists only of text.

  • Show the faces behind the company on Instagram or Snapchat

If you want to highlight a more human side of the brand or company, in social networks, you can resort to presenting to the people who collaborate in the company. You can do this in spaces such as Instagram, Snapchat and even TikTok, thanks to their great emphasis on the video format. Brands can use these spaces in creative ways to stay relevant in the industry.

As the source shares it, videos that show people can be more effective in making consumers feel connected in comparison to videos that only show text and a background of some color.

  • Highlight collaborators' achievements

Continuing with that human side of the brand, another content for social networks that can be used well is to highlight achievements made by the company's employees, for example, one of the executives may gain significant recognition or be chosen to participate in A key industry event. This type of elements serves to show appreciation for those who are part of the company and can be particularly effective in a space like LinkedIn, as the network focuses on professional growth.

  • Use the important dates in your favor

Finally, if you still do not, other content for social networks that may be effective are publications made around key events or celebrations for some communities. As you know, there are certain holidays, both official and unofficial, that lend themselves to the conversation, for example, just yesterday was the day of the Community Manager and many took advantage of this to congratulate those who work in that position . There were even those who went further developing more complex actions, such as the Volkswagen CM.

If you want to know what dates you can take advantage of, we recommend you take a look at the calendar we elaborate with some important days.