ASICS EVORIDE Smart Shoes help you run better with real-time tips ┬╗ERdC

ASICS EVORIDE Smart Shoes help you run better with real-time tips ┬╗ERdC

ASICS EVORIDE Smart Shoes help you run better with real-time tips

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Smart shoes are not about anything new in the market. There are already several manufacturers which have launched a couple of these. Now ASICS joins the list of smart shoe manufacturers; and they reach the market their own model. The ASICS Smart Shoes They are quite different from the rest that have gone on the market. These shoes are not designed to count your steps; but Its primary function is to help you improve your running technique, and teach it to save energy.

The ASICS Energy Research Laboratory presented a functional prototype of its smart sports shoes. The company's Smart Shoes are really about their new running shoes; these shoes are named EVORIDE, Y they have an ORPHE TRACK sensor inside. The sensor was developed in association with the new Japanese folk studio Inc. (nnf).

The ORPHE TRACK sensor is responsible for tracking a series of features, among which is; the strength and stability of the tread; and this will provide comments and suggestions in real time to help your user to run with better technique.

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The EVORIDE in s is a new pair of shoes ASICS. So far they are their lightest and most affordable sports shoes, and which also aim at saving the user's energy. According to what the company said, the new EVORIDE they are based on their GUIDESOLE technology; which is designed to reduce movement in the lower leg. This will help runners save energy, and also run more efficiently.

Sneakers EVORIDE will be available for purchase worldwide starting February 7. In the images you can see the ORPHE TRACK sensor inside the new EVORIDE shoes; However, the final appearance of the product is still unknown.

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